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2021 has been a CRACKING year for seven-seater family cars! There have been some FANTASTIC new additions to this category that give families so much more choice when looking for a seven or eight-seater. Whether you have a large family and need to use all seven or eight seats or like so many of us you only have a couple of kids but want that extra boot space and flexibility for transporting friends' kids, the in-laws or everything you need for family holidays!

Here are my TOP 5 family-friendly seven/eight-seater cars of 2021:

2021 Genesis GV80

1st Place: Genesis GV80

The Genesis GV80 is an exquisite seven-seater family SUV. Genesis as a brand has brought out some stunning cars this year and the Genesis GV80 is no exception. This seven-seater SUV is as beautifully designed on the inside as it is on the outside. For families that are looking for a large luxury SUV this is a must for your shortlist. Ranging in price between $90,000 and $110,000 it feels every bit as well crafted as you would expect for the price. It does only hold three child seats so that is a consideration if you need to carry more but it is packed full of family-friendly features, my favourite being the rear window blinds that you raise and lower using the window controls. The GV80 is wonderful to drive and is as well designed for kids and family use as it is for adults to enjoy the drive and interior. See the top ten family-friendly features of the Genesis GV80 here.

2nd Place: Kia Carnival

The new Kia Carnival is an amazing eight-seater family car. I know families who range in size from just one child and all the way up to those with five children who have one and they all love their Carnival. I still think it is the best all-rounder, providing so much flexibility with the removable central second-row seat, the ability to fit five child seats yet with an enormous boot space still to spare! A lot of car for the money, the Carnival ranges in price between $47,000 and $67,000. It is packed full of family-friendly features, has fantastic storage throughout and the Kia Carnival has an AMAZING turning circle that makes it so easy to park. See the top 12 family-friendly features of the 2021 Kia Carnival here.

3rd Place: Hyundai Palisade

The Hyundai Palisade is a fantastic addition to the seven/eight-seater SUV options. Being available as a seven- or eight-seater it brings this flexibility depending on the size and shape of your family's needs. It is packed full of family-friendly features, my favourite being the double cup-holders in the rear doors! Ranging in price between $60,000 and $75,000, the Palisade can fit either three or four child seats with good third-row access too. See the top ten family-friendly features of the Hyundai Palisade here.


4th Place: Hyundai Staria

The Hyundai Staria definitely earns its place in this BabyDrive Top 5 chart. This spacious, modern eight-seater has a great all-wheel-drive option for families looking for great everyday practicality and some off-road capability for family camping or extra confidence on skiing trips! It's another great family car packed full of the features we LOVE but introducing a game-changer… the rear interior camera! It's AMAZING! You can watch your little ones in the back via a camera that shows on the media screen while you are driving along! The Hyundai Staria ranges in price between $49,000 and $67,000 and a fantastic large family car. See the top 15 family-friendly features of the Hyundai Staria here.

Audi Q7 2021 family car review

5th Place: Audi Q7

The Audi Q7 is another luxury seven-seater with a beautiful interior and you are really well cocooned from the outside road and traffic noise, which minimises driver fatigue. The Audi Q7 will hold five child seats and third-row access is good when you have four child seats installed. It also has great boot space with all three rows of seats in use or just the first two. The Audi Q7 ranges in price between $102,000 and $166,000. See the top 3 family-friendly features of the Audi Q7 here.

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