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What is drowsiness alert?

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A coffee cup signal alerts you on your dashboard and beeping sensors sound or you can feel a vibration in your seat or steering wheel, to suggest you make a stop for a driver survivor if the drowsiness alert system senses you are getting drowsy while driving.

How does drowsiness alert work?

Drowsiness alert works in one of two ways, either by monitoring your driving, particularly your lane positioning using the lane departure warning system or by scanning your face for signs of drowsiness e.g.eye lids drooping, head bobbing etc.

Do I need drowsiness alert in my new family car?

This is a great system, I have actually suffered from micro napping in the past (before child) when I used to commute long distances to work each day. I think when you’re tired anyway like most mums or parents are, this feature is gold!

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