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What is tyre pressure monitoring?

Tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is installed as standard on more and more new cars. Generally, when a tyre is 25% over or under inflated a warning light comes on on the dashboard. Some cars, such as the VW Amarok in the photo, display a visual of the car and give the tyre pressure readings for each tyre too.

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If your light comes on, you should stop at the next service station and check your tyre pressures (correct pressures are usually displayed on a sticker on the inside of the driver's door) and find out why the tyre lost pressure in the first place as you could well have a puncture or other tyre and wheel damage.

How does tyre pressure monitoring work?

TPMS normally uses direct sensors inside each tyre or valve where small, wireless transmitters send the readings straight to your dashboard to notify you if pressures are too low or too high.

Do I need tyre pressure monitoring on my new family car?

Having an early warning of tyre problems is a fantastic safety feature especially for a BabyDrive as you have your precious cargo on board and your tyres are the only thing between you and the road, therefore control of your vehicle!

TPMS can also save you money! According to AAA and, properly inflated tires can save you quite a bit on fuel. And proper tire maintenance such as balancing, rotating and inflation can improve mileage and extend the life of tyres by up to 7500km.

In some countries, all new cars must have tyre pressure monitoring as standard by law, but this has not yet happened in Australia. If you are looking at a second-hand car, it is well worth looking out for this safety feature.


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