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After spending a week with the entry-level VW Touareg model, I jumped at the chance to experience the top-spec 2020 VW Touareg Premium, as a BabyDrive!

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With the higher spec than the Touareg 190TDI reviewed recently and a heap of options added on top, this car was so packed with goodies that I decided to share with you my top TEN favourite family features of the 2020 VW Touareg Premium:

  1. You can open the Touareg Premium from any of the doors using the auto-lock and unlock. SO you don't have to fumble in your bag for your keys and you don't have to open the driver's doors first and then go to the kid's doors.
  2. The VW Touareg has a great size boot, that I could easily it all sizes of pram and a good amount of shopping in too. The boot door opens and closes electronically at the touch of a button and the retractable roller blind automatically retracts when the boot door opens so it is not in your way when loading and unloading the boot. If that wasn't enough you can raise and lower the height of the rear suspension using the buttons on the right side of the boot, allowing you to easily lift in prams or smaller dogs to jump in etc.
  3. The VW Touareg has inbuilt rear window blinds, which are great for keeping rear passengers shielded from the sun while you are driving.
  4. With a very large sunroof, the interior of the Touareg Premium feels light and airy for both the front and rear passengers.
  5. You can control the rear-aircon from the media screen in the front and you can even lock it so helpful rear passengers can't alter it from the controls in the back of the central console box, which is brilliant! There are air vents in the rear side pillars as well as in the back of the central console box.
  6. The optional large media screen in the VW Touareg appears to seamlessly wrap all around the dash and in front of the driver, giving you an enormous media screen with a system that is modern and relatively easy to navigate. You can swipe with your hand in front of the screen instead of touching the screen as well. The VW Touareg Premium comes with CarPlay and Android Auto too. When reversing the camera image quality is very good, you have two views and can change the view angle easily on the screen. It is also easy to mute the parking sensors on the screen too.
  7. There are some really thoughtful features that make a big difference in the Touareg, like the adjustable front headrests, that allow you to wear a ponytail while driving! There are individual child locks for the rear doors you can control easily from the driver's door control panel. There are double visors in the front so you can shield the side of your face as well as the front when driving into the sun which is great for the Australian climate.
  8. You can control how light or dark the cabin lights are through the media screen, meaning at night you can have a glow of light rather than a spotlight on your baby. You can also control the rear ceiling lights from the front ceiling panel.
  9. The VW Touareg is great to drive and I was impressed by how accurate the cruise control is on motorways as well as on undulating roads at lower speeds.
  10. Three child seats fit in the back of the Touareg easily, yippee! I found that forward-facing or rear-facing car seats fit and with a rear-facing child seat installed a 180cm driver could sit in front of it.
  11. A cheeky extra but definitely worth a mention.. the front seats of the Touareg Premium are heated and cooled!! They even have different massage functions that you can select through the media screen for a little parent luxury!!

You can see the full 2020 VW Touareg 190TDI review here.

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