Save thousands on your new family car, it's easy!

So you know what your new family car is going to be, or you've at least narrowed it down to a few. If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of traipsing around car dealerships while heavily pregnant or with your children in tow, or uncomfortable negotiating the deal and worried you're getting the best price? BabyDrive may have the solution for you…

Buying your family's new car should be exciting, not exhausting!

That's why BabyDrive has partnered with Car Helper, a car buying service founded by a car expert and dad who is really experienced at getting families the best car at the best price. Car Helper will even handle your trade-in, help organise finance and have your new car delivered to your door!

Ready to buy?

We can help take the stress out of the buying process and save you time ⏰ and money 💰⏰ & 💰   Find out how
Currently this service is available in Greater Sydney only, but you can submit your details now and we’ll let you know when it’s available in your area.

Here’s how it works in four easy steps:

Tell us what family car you're looking for

Use the Ready to buy form to send BabyDrive an enquiry and you will receive a phone call from Car Helper with the offer of some car-buying advice. If you’d like some help with your family car purchase, Car Helper will make its dealer fleet network compete against each other to supply your new family car at a massive discount, while meeting your exact preferences for model grade, paint colour, accessories and delivery timing.

Quote requests go out to the massive Car Helper network

It costs $165 for Car Helper to request discount price quotes from its dealer fleet network on your behalf. If you accept an amazing Car Helper offer, your $165 is refunded. Or, in the unlikely event you can show Car Helper a better offer, your $165 is also refunded. With a guarantee like that, you can’t lose. It usually takes a day or two to find you exactly the right new family car, at a brilliant price.

You receive an amazing offer on your chosen family car

Car Helper provides a written best-price quote for you to consider – or multiple quotes if there are various options available, such as different delivery timings or a choice of paint colours. The Car Helper supplier network will bend over backwards to win your business with sharp prices.

If you choose to accept an offer, Car Helper will connect you with the supplying dealership fleet department – you can place your new family car order over the phone (or in person) with them. Your $165 tender fee is refunded to you against the price of the car. Congratulations, you've just saved thousands on your new family car!

Your new family car is delivered to your door

The exciting bit – you take delivery of your new family car! It’s up to you whether it’s delivered to your door, or you drive away from a showroom. Should you wish, you will get a run through the car’s features, such as how to pair your phone and set up the multimedia system, and how to best utilise the active safety technology, as well as the answers to any questions you have.

Ready to buy?

We can help take the stress out of the buying process and save you time ⏰ and money 💰⏰ & 💰   Find out how
Currently this service is available in Greater Sydney only, but you can submit your details now and we’ll let you know when it’s available in your area.

Testimonials from real customers

James was great and a true professional. He found us a car and a great deal within a week. The brand new car came within three weeks and the best part was not having to go into any dealer showrooms and negotiate with car sales people. When you are time poor, a car broker is the best solution. Another bonus was James helping us to sell our old car. It was so easy. Would highly recommend and I would never want to purchase another car any other way.

Erica, Volvo XC60


Mazda CX-3 AkariThank you so much Jim for not only helpong me attain a great price on my new car but also for assisting me with the sale of my old car. Your attention to detail, personable manner and professional insight gave me every confidence from the very start. I would highly recommend your services to everyone.

Sarah, Mazda CX-3


Mazda CX-9 AzamiFantastic service. James saves us more than $8K on our new car and the agent who delivered our car to us was also excellent. I would highly recommend you to give his service a go, you will not regret it.

Mayela, Mazda CX-9



Kia Sportage 2018None of the hassle of shopping around for the best price. Saved me thousands and even had the car delivered to my front door with a personal explanation of how everything worked. Even programmed my phone to the car. I tell every one of my friends to use this excellent service when looking for a car.

Helen, Kia Sportage


BMW_X5_M50d-2019-reviewI can't recommend Car Helper and their founder James Whitbourn highly enough. His experience and wealth of knowledge is superior and invaluable when it comes to a busy person needing to buy a car, and in a hurry! The service I've experienced has been exceptional, from intelligent and well-informed discussions and advice about car selection across model ranges, and between car makes, to sharp negotiation on price.

Alison, BMW X5