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Child seats installed in car

Will my child seats fit in my car?

Here is a simple guide with measurements of all the child seats used by BabyDrive so you can compare them to the measurements of your child seats and see if your child’s restraint will fit in the car you have, or the car you are looking at buying Read More

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Which seven-seaters have the easiest third-row access?

Here’s a list of practical family seven- or eight-seater cars that you do not have to remove a child seat to access the third row, as having to remove them in order to climb through to the third-row seats then that just really isn’t practical for any parent on a daily basis Read More

2018 Kia Sorento Sport

Which 7 seat SUVs will fit 3 child seats?

There are many seven or eight-seater SUV’s on the market today that you would presume you would be able to fit five child seats in, but as I have found in my testing this is not the case! Some will only hold three across the second-row of seats and they have no top tether or ISOFix in the third row at all. Read More

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Mazda CX-5

Which 5 seat SUVs Will Fit 3 Child Seats?

There are many five-seat SUVs on the market today that have three top tether points across the rear seats. So you would presume you would be able to fit three child seats across the rear seats, but as I have found in my testing this is not the case! Read More

Adaptive headlights

What are adaptive headlights?

Adaptive headlights give you a greater field of vision at night. The headlights automatically swivel as you turn the steering wheel to light the road in the direction you are travelling. This helps you see more of what might be around the corner as you are turning, it could be another car coming or a bike or a pedestrian. Read More

Parking sensors

What are parking sensors?

Parking sensors detect obstacles when you’re maneuvering at slow speeds, like parking for example. This is usually accompanied by beeping sounds which become closer together or louder the nearer you get to the object until you are so close a solid sound and flashing red bars mean impact is imminent. Read More

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Forward collision warning

What is Forward Collision Warning?

Forward collision warning helps prevent rear-end collisions by alerting the driver to a stopped car, object or impending collision ahead so that you can brake in time to avoid the collision or have slowed down and lessened the severity of an impact. Read More