Parking sensors

What are parking sensors?

Parking sensors detect obstacles when you’re maneuvering at slow speeds, like parking for example. This is usually accompanied by beeping sounds which become closer together or louder the nearer you get to the object until you are so close a solid sound and flashing red bars mean impact is imminent. Read More

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Forward collision warning

What is Forward Collision Warning?

Forward collision warning helps prevent rear-end collisions by alerting the driver to a stopped car, object or impending collision ahead so that you can brake in time to avoid the collision or have slowed down and lessened the severity of an impact. Read More

Lane Keep Assist

What is Lane Keep Assist?

Lane Keep Assist will steer your car back into your lane if it senses you start to drift out, often if you have not responded to a Lane Departure Warning alert via a visual display, a beep or alarm, or a vibration in your steering wheel or seat Read More

Rear cross traffic alert

What is rear cross traffic alert?

Rear cross traffic alert warns you when traffic approaches from either side when you are reversing, which is especially useful when reversing out of a driveway or car parking spaces. Read More

Attention Assist

What is drowsiness alert?

Drowsiness alert works by monitoring your driving, particularly your lane positioning using the lane departure warning system or by scanning your face for signs of drowsiness e.g.eye lids drooping, head bobbing etc. Read More

Auto emergency braking (AEB)

What is AEB or Auto Emergency Braking?

Auto emergency braking applies the car’s brakes for you, hopefully bringing you to a stop so you miss the obstacle or it lessens the severity of the crash if it can’t fully stop you in time. Read More

Lane departure warning

What is lane departure warning?

If you unintentionally drift out of your lane, or change lanes without indicating then lane departure warning will warn you either visibly by flashing an icon on your driver’s or head-up display or you may hear a beep or alarm to warn you, or you may feel a vibration in the steering wheel or in your seat. Read More


What is brake assist?

When you slam on the brakes in an emergency, Brake Assist applies the brakes with more than a human may apply them, helping the car stop as quickly as possible Read More

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What is traction control?

Traction Control helps you to accelerate and stop your wheels spinning if they are not gripping a surface well,  particularly on roads that are snowy, icy or wet Read More


What are anti-lock (ABS) brakes?

If like me you can remember being taught to pump the brakes with your foot when you did an emergency stop to prevent the brakes from locking and the car from skidding, then you may understand how ABS does the same but much better than any human Read More