2017 Kia Stinger V6 330Si

Kia describes the Stinger as ‘The family sports sedan with five doors’. It is a VERY sporty and good-looking vehicle that I was so excited to drive… on my own!! Read More


2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack Wagon

Overall I found the Volkswagen Golf Alltrack Wagon a very suitable family car, the boot space being a wagon is awesome, and it is a very practical and usable shaped space. I was amazed how much I could fit in the boot! Read More


2017 Subaru XV 2.0i

The Subaru XV is a small hatchback SUV. With lots of people making the switch to SUVs as their family car of choice, we had to put this little SUV through our BabyDrive paces and see how it fairs as a family car! Read More


2017 Honda Civic VTi-LX

The latest Honda Civic did not look like the hatchback I was expecting! It seemed too long and I thought we’d been given the Sedan! Read More

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It felt like Nissan had thought of a lot when designing the X-Trail, as there were a lot of practical features like the in-cab storage and there were some nice surprising details such cooled cup holders. Read More



The Toyota C-HR lacks the legroom for a grown adult in front of a rear-facing child seat! I could fit two child seats in the back but the boot only just closed with a stroller in there! Read More

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Hmmmmm… The Toyota Corolla! It was not going to win me over!!! If I hadn’t been a designer in my previous life I may not have been so offended by Toyota’s use of fonts! And if I hadn’t grown up in the 80s I may not have shuddered every time I used the shiny silver plastic gear stick that was a definite replica of my first computer joystick!! Read More



The MU-X would definitely be on my list as a contender in the battle for best BabyDrive! Let’s find out why… Read More



The Isuzu D-Max would be my vehicle of choice to cross the Simpson Desert but I wouldn’t choose it to do my weekly shopping! Read More

2017 Audi Q2 Limited Edition

2017 Audi Q2 1.4 TFSI Design

Few people I’m sure would consider the Audi Q2 as their main family car, but how did it stack up when it was put through our tests and driven as our family car for a week? Read More

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2017 Mitsubishi Outlander LS

The Mitsubishi Outlander is available as a five and seven-seater, and we tested the five-seat LS version to see just how BabyDrive friendly this SUV really is! Our first impressions of this model were how seriously spacious it is both in the front and back, although we could only fit two child seats across the back row Read More


2017 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

On the face of it, the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is a spacious, family-friendly seven-seat SUV. But it comes with just one top tether, that isn’t on the same seat that has ISOFix, and you have to buy and fit the others yourself! Because top tether anchors are in the ceiling, third-row passengers have straps in their faces and it’s impossible to get into the third row if you have a couple of child seats fitted in the second row! Read More



The Koleos is a very good looking SUV, on paper and in the flesh! Boasting all the gadgets, a seven-inch touchscreen, sat-nav, reversing camera, keyless entry and start, rear parking sensors, heated front seats and soooo much more including a five-year warranty and all at an amazing price! But is all this too good to be true? We have got to find out if this new SUV is as good a BabyDrive as it promises to be!! Read More


2017 Volkswagen Amarok

Famed for being able to carry a whole pallet in its tray (that’s one way to buy your nappies), we wanted to find out if the VW Amarok was also practical for carrying our most precious cargo! Read More

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All sizes of stroller and pram fit in the boot of the Holden Trailblazer when using five seats and three child seats fit across the second-row, with all three positions having ISOfix! Read More

2017 Colorado LTZ

2017 Holden Colorado LTZ

We always know it’s a good BabyDrive when we ask each other “Will you be sad to give this car back?!” With the Holden Colorado, Crew Cab LTZ, the answer was a unanimous YES! Read More