2018 Range Rover Velar D300 SE

Ooh Velar! What a beautiful BabyDrive test car!! The Range Rover Velar was everything I hoped for, fabulous, opulent and luxurious! Apart from the light cream leather seating, it was surprisingly practical too! Read More


2018 Volkswagen Passat Alltrack Wagon

The Volkswagen Passat Alltrack wagon could only fit two child seats and the headrest design caused our Britax forward-facing child seat to tilt forwards slightly. It’s a shame as the boot and cabin storage is excellent, all the annoying beeps can be easily muted and it’s a great car to drive! Read More

Subaru Outback


There isn’t much to fault with the Subaru Outback, as it is a very practical family car! For interior and boot space it’s very generous and I could install three child seats in the back. There are ISOFix points in both the outer seats and top tether points in the backs of all three. They were easy to connect to apart from the central seatbelt coming from the ceiling. Read More

Lexus NX300

2018 LEXUS NX300

This Lexus NX300 looked great with its sparkling pearlescent paint and red leather interior! At a squeeze, I could fit three child seats across too! Boot space was surprisingly good, holding 12 shopping bags when empty and all configurations of tandem and single Britax Flexx strollers fitted with shopping bags alongside Read More


2018 Lexus RX350L

The Lexus RX350L is a seven-seat luxury SUV with four top tethers and Isofix in two of the seats but with child seats installed in the second row, there really wasn’t any legroom in the first and third rows. On the upside, boot space is comparable to a Mazda CX-9 and Nissan Pathfinder, and bigger than a Kia Sorento or Skoda Kodiaq Read More

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Mazda BT-50

2018 Mazda BT-50 XTR Dual Cab 4×4

The Mazda BT-50 is a simple and surprisingly nice ute, but I had to fit my own top tethers, there’s no Isofix and only two child seats can fit in the back. I could fit more strollers and shopping bags into the BT-50’s tray than the Navara and Triton, it matched the Hilux but held less than the Amarok and Colorado Read More



The new Holden ZB Commodore is the first one to be made in Germany rather than Australia and I really like it! Apart from all its beeping, moaning baby-waking alarms it is a very practical BabyDrive! Read More


2018 Subaru Forester

The Subaru Forester stacked up as a pretty good BabyDrive, and fitted three child seats easily in the back. With rear-facing child seats installed, the legroom was enough for a 184cm driver to sit in front of them. The boot of the Forester didn’t look like it was very big but it was actually quite deceiving! Read More


2018 BMW X2

The BMW X2 is a compact little SUV, and what I really liked about it was that although it is very small, everything in it was very functional. Read More

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2018 Mazda3 Neo

The Mazda3 is a very popular car so I was very keen to give it a test for BabyDrive! I drove the hatch, a compact little car which for its price is actually very good. Read More


2018 Honda HR-V

I went to the Cricks Honda dealership in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast where they very kindly let me test the Honda HR-V for BabyDrive! Read More



The Jeep Compass Trailhawk is a very cool looking little car! It was smaller than I was expecting but I was looking forward to getting inside it, taking it for a spin and putting it through our BabyDrive testing! Read More

Mazda CX-9 Azami

2018 Mazda CX-9

The Mazda CX-9 is a car I have admired for a while, so when I got one to test for BabyDrive I was very excited. And it’s in my favourite colour!! Read More

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2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

What a BabyDrive!! Other than there being more storage compartments than a well designed nappy bag, find out why we highly recommended the Tiguan as a BabyDrive! Read More


2018 Suzuki Vitara

The Suzuki Vitara is a good looking car, in a great colour, and I was won over by its retro, boxy styling! Let’s find out how this old school looking car measures up as a BabyDrive… Read More



The Suzuki S-Cross GL+ Turbo was not a car I have ever been intrigued to drive, I have to admit! But if it is on your shopping list as a BabyDrive, then find out what I thought of it when I put through our testing… Read More

Mazda CX-5

2018 Mazda CX-5

My initial thoughts were “what a nice looking vehicle from the front and I love the nose on this thing!” The CX-5 we got to test was the top spec model so I was expecting it to be as impressive on the inside Read More

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2018 Suzuki Grand Vitara

As I’m a mum who’s unwilling to give up her adventuring days, I was very eager to see how practical a Suzuki Grand Vitara would be as a BabyDrive! Read More

Jaguar F-Pace

2018 Jaguar F-Pace

Legroom and storage in the Jaguar F-Pace is limited, but where the F-Pace did excel was the ease of fitting three child seats across the the width of the rear seats! Storage in the boot was pretty good too; I could fit 13 shopping bags in from empty. Read More


2018 Volkswagen Arteon

I MISS THIS CAR!!!! It’s a rare thing that I miss a car after we have had it but I still miss the VW Arteon even after 10 weeks!! Read More