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BabyDrive Verdict

The Kia Rio GT-Line is a cool looking and very fun, sporty little hatch that I was eager to put through the BabyDrive testing!

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I found it surprisingly practical for a family car and it won a place in the hearts of people in a few different demographics while I had it to test. Our lovely family friend Nanna Trish wanted to swap her Mercedes AMG convertible for it and Nanna Trish's grandson wanted it for his first car! So it seems the Kia Rio GT Line is catching a lot of peoples' eye!

I find the different cars I drive will give me a feeling, as though I take on a persona with each one and with the Kia Rio GT Line the feeling was ‘carefree'. It has the lightness in the steering and acceleration of youth and lack of responsibility that for nipping around town and Kindy drop-offs was fabulous! I liked its small size and its nimble maneuvering in carparks.

Two child seats fitted nicely in the back; there are ISOFix points in both the outer rear seats and top tether anchorages on the back of all three seat backs. There was no room for me to sit between them and I found with a rear-facing child seat installed legroom was affected in the front and we could only just sit a 170cm driver in front of the rear-facing child seat.

Storage in the back of the Rio is very minimal, with only handle wells in the doors and a single map pocket on the passenger side that will hold and conceal an iPad.

Thankfully it was better in the front, with two good sized cup holders for re-usable and disposable coffee cups. Great double storage trays in front of the gear lever and a small central console storage box. The front door bins will hold a large refillable water bottle, the glove box is small as expected but has a manual inside it that is almost as big as the car! It will hold my wallet in with it but not the iPad. There is a lined glasses case in the ceiling.

The boot of the Kia Rio is small but surprisingly deep and it would hold eight shopping bags when empty. All types of stroller fitted in the boot of the Rio on their sides if I removed the parcel shelf. Or you could fit a small dog!

One of my favourite features in the Kia Rio GT Line is the drive, it really is a nippy and fun little car.

The Kia Rio GT Line comes with a seven-year warranty, which for a car of this price really is fantastic.

The media system in all modern Kias tend to be great and the Rio is no exception. I find it very user-friendly and it has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which some cars ten times its price don't have!

The Kia Rio GT Line feels great to drive, it grips the road, corners and accelerates well. It has that GT sound when accelerating but it sometimes seemed a little pathetic, a bit like when a small puppy growls at a big dog! However, I didn't get that vulnerable small car feeling in the Rio which was surprising and I think this was because it feels more solid than most cars of this size do.

When you have two child seats installed in the back visibility is still quite good, you can see out of the back between the child seats and the rear seats sit quite low so visibility out of the side windows is good because the rear facing child seat sits lower.

Overall I found the Kia Rio GT Line a surprisingly practical and affordable car for a small family. If you only have one or two children and most of your trips are around town, school runs and occasional weekends away you really can't go past it for the price, especially if you are located in a city and parking is an issue.

The Kia Rio GT Line scored a five-star ANCAP safety rating in 2017 and comes with six airbags as standard. Both front passengers get front and side chest airbags and side head curtain airbags extend to the rear passengers

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