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This week I am revisiting the 2019 model Kia Carnival and have LOVED it! I've described it as the Ultimate Family Fun Bus! Find out why in my top ten family-friendly features:

  1. The second-row sliding doors make accessing the back of car nice and easy and there are no worries about hitting other cars in car parks either! You can open and close the doors with a button on the door, or in the front ceiling or on the key fob.    KIA CARNIVAL PLATINUM 2019
  2. The improved reversing camera gives you more angles of visibility and better image quality. KIA CARNIVAL PLATINUM 2019
  3. The front seats are heated and cooled and there's a heated steering wheel too! KIA CARNIVAL PLATINUM 2019
  4. You can move the front passenger seat with buttons on side of the seat, making second-row access easier and distribution of legroom. KIA CARNIVAL PLATINUM 2019
  5. There are window blinds on all four rear windows which is great for sheltering all the rear passengers from the sun. KIA CARNIVAL PLATINUM 2019
  6. You can control the rear aircon from the front dash which is very practical and you can lock it so those little rear passengers can not fiddle with it! There are also air-con vents in all three rows of seats and controls in the back too.    KIA CARNIVAL PLATINUM 2019KIA CARNIVAL PLATINUM 2019
  7. The media system is so nice and simple to use and has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. KIA CARNIVAL PLATINUM 2019
  8. There is a conversation mirror in the front so you can keep an eye on all your rear passenger's ad the visors are extendable too. KIA CARNIVAL PLATINUM 2019
  9. There is sooooo much storage in the Carnival. In the front, there are two glove boxes, heaps of door storage, side central console storage and more in all three rows of seats. KIA CARNIVAL PLATINUM 2019 KIA CARNIVAL PLATINUM 2019
  10. There is so much space in the back of the Carnival, it has three ISO Fix and four top tether anchorages and fits 4 child seats with third-row access. We even found we could fit two paddleboards down the left side and sit three people down the right of the car!! So it’s great for the beach as well!!! KIA CARNIVAL PLATINUM 2019
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You can see the full 2018 Kia Carnival review here.

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