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BabyDrive Verdict

I MISS THIS CAR!!!! It's a rare thing that I miss a car after we have had it but I still miss the VW Arteon even after 10 weeks!!

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What a BabyDrive! The Arteon was fantastic for space! So much space! I think as a mum your personal space is so invaded by having mini-me wanting a piece of you 24/7 that having some forced personal space in the car is LUXURY!! And the driver's seat massages you too!! It's like a day at the spa when you pop to the shops!! In all seriousness the space and legroom in the cabin were fantastic! There was not a worry about a 182cm driver with a 182cm passenger behind them or in front of a rear facing child seat there was heaps of room.

The feeling of space continued in the nice uniform shaped large boot, that when empty would hold 15 shopping bags.

The Mountain Buggy Duet twin stroller fitted in the boot with five shopping bags. The Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle stroller fitted in there with seven shopping bags and the Mountain Buggy Nano compact stroller fitted in there with 12 shopping bags.

In the cabin, the storage was good too! In the front, there are two good sized cup holders in the central console, a rubber-lined phone charging well in front of the gear lever, the glove box is small but felt lined and has a cooling option which is great for keeping kids snacks cool when out and about! There is a lined central console storage box and the door bins are big enough to hold a large refillable water bottle and wallet.

In the back storage is a bit more limited, there are map pockets in the back of both front seats that would conceal an iPad. The door bins are very small in the back, they will only hold a 600ml or Pigeon baby bottle.

There is also a fold-down armrest in the central seat back with two small cupholders in. They would hold a disposable or reusable coffee cup.

Behind the armrest, in the seat back, is a hatch you can open to access through to the boot.

The Arteon seats are super comfortable in both the front and back and I could definitely have a ponytail as the headrests were adjustable!

The rear seats have ISO Fix in the two outer seats which are within plastic guides and were very easy to connect to.

There are top tether anchor points in the seat backs of the two outer seats and the third top tether anchor point is behind the central seat headrest. The central top tether is extremely hard to connect and disconnect, as the headrest only raises about 2cm giving no space to feed the top tether through to attach it and the top tether adjustment buckle often sits at this point where the headrest is so it was nearly impossible to adjust it!

The rear seats in the Arteon are quite sporty shaped and had large bolstered edges with sunken seat bases. Which meant I could only fit two child seats, I found it frustrating as three child seats would easily fit across the rear seats in terms of their width but not with the cushion sculpting they had!

I fitted the Mountain Buggy Protect infant capsule rear facing on one side and the Britax Maxi Guard Pro in the other outer seat.

The Arteon was a fantastic car to drive! Not only for its space and the massage!! 😉 It was smooth, quiet and enjoyable to drive!

The media system was great too, with a lovely, big, crisp screen and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to top it off!

The cruise control was exceptionally accurate which is always confidence inspiring in a car.

The Arteon looks fantastic too! I loved the bright yellow paintwork and its long sweeping lines of the exterior and the interior was just as stylish….. I really miss that car!!

If you only need two child seats, and you'd like your personal space back, this is a FANTASTIC BabyDrive!

The Arteon scored a 5star ANCAP safety rating in 2017 and has seven airbags as standard.

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