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BabyDrive Verdict

The Honda Civic Sedan is not a car I would have considered for a BabyDrive and was not expecting to be impressed at all… Oh, how I was wrong!

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I just LOVE driving this car! Sedans are not known for their child-friendliness because of the low roofline when getting kids in and out of the back. It can be back-breaking work and the low boots can present the same problems when getting prams and strollers in and out.

With the Honda Civic Sedan, practicality went out of the window because I just LOVE driving this car! It feels super basic (in a good way) and had great connectivity with the road that I rarely feel driving modern cars, as if all the padding that usually separates you from the driving experience was stripped away. Whether it is due to the more minimal interior or the fact the dashboard doesn’t come right up engulfing you in its plastic and rubber, it is just a joy and a refreshing change from SUVs.

In terms of family practicality, the legroom is extremely good and we could easily fit a 182cm driver in front of a rear-facing child seat.

In terms of child seats, we could only fit two in the back as the roof tapers in at the top, preventing a third from fitting across. We found the rear seats just aren’t wide enough for a passenger to sit in the middle of two child seats either.

The three top tether anchorages are in the fixed parcel shelf behind the rear headrests, which are always a bit tricky to access in sedans. Comparing it to the Kia Cerato Sedan which also holds two child seats, the legroom is slightly better in the Honda Civic Sedan, meaning taller drivers can sit in front of a rear-facing child seat. In the Toyota Corolla Sedan, I could get three child seats at a very tight squeeze but they were infant capsules which are smaller and we found a 182cm driver could also sit in front of a rear-facng child seat in that model.

In the boot, the Honda Civic Sedan han hold fourteen shopping bags. You do have the consideration of bending down into the boot and posting things into that boot opening and it is slightly smaller than the Toyota Corolla Sedan that holds sixteen shopping bags and the Kia Cerato Sedan that holds fifteen .

All types of stroller and pram fitted in the boot of the Hinda Civic Sedan with a good amount of shopping. Even with a side-by-side twin stroller, five shopping bags fit in! Sedans really do get a bad press these days but it's easy to see why they have been so popular for so long as they are definitely very practical when it comes to boot and interior space.

One of my favourite features in the Honda Civic during the week I had it with my family was the left indicator camera. Every time you indicate left, the media screen shows a camera image down the left side of the car and road so you can watch for cyclists near junctions or make sure it is safe to change lanes. This is GREAT for solving over-the-shoulder visibility issues that can be caused with child seats installed. Also, you can leave the camera on all the time while you are driving, which is great for keeping kiddies entertained in the car and my daughter thought we were racing the cars next to us!

There is also a great seatbelt removal visual for the rear seats in the driver display so you know exactly who is plugged in.

The media system in the Honda Civic Sedan is quite basic and easy to navigate.

It does have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto which is good.

The reversing camera image is a little pixelated but it does have a nice big view and you can turn off the parking sensors with a button, down by your right knee.

Storage throughout the Honda Civic Sedan is good, you can fit a large refillable water bottle in both front and rear door bins and there are two cup holders in the back as well as the front. The front ones are very large though so coffee cups rattle around in them.

I thoroughly enjoyed my week driving the Honda Civic Sedan and wish that all cars felt this good to drive!

The Honda Civic Sedan was given a five-star ANCAP safety rating in 2017 so has not been through Child Occupancy Protection crash testing. The Civic Sedan has six airbags as standard.


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Advert: Mocka nursery furniture


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