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The Genesis G80 is one of those cars you don’t have to coax your kids to get into! It looks like the Batmobile and has screens and buttons and dials for them to fiddle with in the back!

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It’s a great looking car on the outside and beautiful on the inside too.

I love sedans because they tend to be good to drive on the whole compared to SUVs because they cling to the road. Although I do find kids and rear passengers tend to get travel sick in them more than SUVs.

The G80 is definitely a car you buy for you rather than for the family but can it be a good family too? Let’s find out…

Firstly it’s a fantastic car to drive, smooth and fast and a lot of fun. Visibility is good for a sedan even with the low roofline and we found the rearview camera that can be used while driving along was really helpful.

We didn’t find the roofline of the Genesis G80 too low in our week with the car. And there was no bumped heads at all. The rear doors open really nice and wide which we found made posting baby in and getting kids out of the back much easier and gave good room to reach in to do up harnesses.

Being a sedan, the boot of the G80 is really big, holding fourteen shopping bags when empty. Which is comparable to the VW Arteon that holds fifteen shopping bags.

2021 Genesis G80 boot space for shopping with two rows of seats in use

A double pram or tandem stroller fits in the boot with a very generous amount of space for shopping bags and other things. The only consideration with the Genesis G80 and other sedans is you can't put a dog in the boot because of the fixed parcel shelf.

2021 Genesis G80 boot space for twin side by side stroller pram and shopping with two rows of seats in use

We could fit three child seats in the back of the Genesis G80 Sedan which was a nice surprise, two full size seats and a slim booster seat in the central seat. Space is a little tight where the roof of the car slopes in at the top so you need to test your car seats fit if you want three across.

2021 Genesis G80 with three child seats installed in the second row

There are ISOFix points in the two outer second-row seats and top tether anchorages in the parcel shelf for all three rear seating positions, which gives you good flexibility of where you position your child seat if you don't need to fit three.

2021 Genesis G80 top tether child seat anchorages in the second row

Two child seats is a really nice fit in the back and there is enough legroom for a 180cm driver in front of a rear-facing child seat or on the passenger side, a 184cm passenger will fit in front of a rear-facing child seat. With a forward-facing child seat on the driver's side then a 184cm driver can sit in front of it.

2021 Genesis G80 space between two child seats installed in the second row

There are screens in the back of both front seats to keep the rear passengers entertained whilst driving along. This is all well and good in theory but they are controlled using the rotary dial and button panel in the rear central seat fold-down armrest and we found that our cheeky little fiddly fingered kid also took over the whole car! She could control the air-conditioning, the source and volume of music etc throughout the car. I am presuming there MUST be a way of locking the controls but we didn't find them!

Also, the screens eat into space for rear-facing seats and are at exactly the right height to get damaged if a tall person gets in and moves the seat right back not realising the screen is touching the child seat.

There is a large storage area in the central seat armrest and two cup holders pop out of the front of it. Apart from this storage throughout the Genesis G80 Sedan is functional yet minimal.

In the front the glove box, phone well and all the door bins are all small too.

There is a glasses case in the ceiling and lit vanity mirrors.

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One of my favourite things in the Genesis G80 sedan are the rear window blinds. They are on both the rear windows and there is an electric one on the rear windscreen. I love this one because it keeps rear-facing little passengers shaded from the sun shining right in on their faces and it goes down automatically when you reverse.

Another favourite are the front seats, where do I start!? The front passenger seat has buttons on the side of the backrest so the driver can control them without getting out of the car. This is really handy for school drop offs and pick ups for kids to climb in past car seats without the driver having to get out of the car,

The drivers seat has a wonderful method for adjusting your seat, when you put your hand down the side of the seat…

…it brings up a visual on the media screen and this is also how you access the massage seats too!

The media system in the Genesis G80 is very modern and easy to use, it is very similar to the one that is in the new Kia Carnival and Hyundai Palisade. It has Apple CarPlay and voice memo…

…as well as Sounds of Nature, which is white noise at your finger tips and really works to get Bub to sleep while you are driving!

There are air-con vents in the front and rear of the G80 and you can control them all through the front media screen while driving along, which I find really useful when I have my children in the back.

The reversing camera is crystal clear, with various views to chose from and you can turn the parking sensors off with a button by the driver's right knee.

There is also a rear view camera while you are driving along as well as indicator cameras in the Genesis G80 that come up in the driver's display. These are both really handy as visibility can be difficult out of the back and sides, especially with the low roof line, and when you are loaded up with child seats in the back.

The Genesis G80 has a special trick! The G80 has remote parking, so you can turn the engine on and drive it forwards and backwards just using the key fob.

We found it super handy when parking  where the spaces are tight with the kids. We could unload everyone and then drive the G80 into the parking space and the same on the way out, without dinging any cars parked either side with the doors and it is much easier to get bubs in and out of their car seats.

Overall the Genesis G80 is a fantastic looking car that is also great to drive and more practical than you would imagine as a BabyDrive! So if you are trying to get this over the line with your partner you will not have to work too hard to convince them! It fits three child seats, has a very practical sized boot and the media system and cameras make it a winner. Not to mention the luxury interior and massage seats!

The new 2021 Genesis G80 comes with eight airbags and has been given a five star ANCAP safety rating.


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Advert: Mocka nursery furniture


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