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BabyDrive Verdict

The BMW X2 is a compact little SUV, and what I really liked about it was that although it is very small, everything in it was very functional.

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Storage, for example, inside the X2 is limited but what is there is practical in size. The cup holders fit reusable and disposable coffee cups very well, and the door bins are well sized to hold a large refillable water bottle and wallet. The glove box was compact but would hold the manual, my wallet and iPad.
However, there was no glasses case in the ceiling and the central console storage box was essentially just a phone holder and connector. That said, it is better than he small, unusable box like most small SUVs have!

The storage in the back is just as practical with some of the best cup holders I have come across!!! They had rubber flaps in them which meant they would hold all different sized vessels from large refillable water bottles, coffee cups, 600ml bottles to Pigeon baby bottles!

The boot looked tiny at first glance and I really didn't think it would hold much at all, but surprisingly it did hold 10 shopping bags! The boot floor also folds back allowing you extra storage depth but it didn't change the capacity for my testing apart from you could add things on top if you wanted to. The Mountain Buggy Duet fitted, face down with a wheel removed, along with two shopping bags. The Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle fitted with two shopping bags also and the Mountain Buggy Nano fitted with seven shopping bags around it.

The front seats were fully adjustable with electronic controls and comfy to sit in, as well as being well supported. But the extendable seat base would not retract back far enough so I had to sit like I was riding a horse to get my legs to reach around the seat base and reach the pedals!

In the back, there is a panel between the seat base and seat back that contains the ISO Fix within plastic guides in the two outer seats, which I found easy to connect to.

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In the boot, across the seat backs, there are two top tether anchor points, one in each of the outer seats. They are clearly labelled in the boot, however, there are lots of other bars across the seat backs that are not labelled and I would not feel confident that someone would not connect their child seats to these by mistake!

I managed to fit two child seats quite easily, the Britax Graphene (rear facing) and the Britax Unity infant capsule. I found I could not sit between the child seats. With rear-facing child seats installed, we really struggled with space and legroom and I could only just comfortably sit in the driver's seat in front of the rear facing Britax Unity infant capsule. I'm only 162cm so anyone taller would really struggle. We found on the front passenger side a 180cm passenger just about could fit with a rear-facing child seat behind them.

The Media system in the BMW X2 is good, but Apple CarPlay is available at an extra cost of more than $400. The system is controlled using a dial and buttons in the central console as well as buttons on the dash and a touchscreen. I found it all a bit much to coordinate, especially the dial, and preferred just the touchscreen.

The reversing sensor beep could not be muted but there was a button to turn them off in the central console. There is also a button to turn off the auto engine cut out, which is fantastically located with the start/stop button! This is a fantastic position for it so you do not forget to switch it off before driving Bub to sleep!

The lane departure warning is just a vibration which is great as it won't disturb the other passengers. I did find you could come to a stop with the engine still running and get out and no alarms will sound, I found this fantastic for stretching my legs while Tulsi has her nap time.

The BMW X2 has a 2015 five-star ANCAP safety rating and six airbags as standard.

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