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BabyDrive Verdict

The Peugeot 5008 is a contender in the seven-seater category along with the likes of the VW Tiguan Allspace and the Mazda CX-8. Let's see how it fared in our BabyDrive testing!!

Well… can I just start by declaring my love for the 5008!! I will admit that the first days driving everything felt unfamiliar and just different to all other cars I have driven recently, but not in a bad way! The steering wheel is smaller, different shaped and sits lower down, which gave me a clear view of the head-up display and a really relaxed driving position for my arms.

The central console and dash wrap around the driver like you would find in a much more expensive model such as a Jaguar. The media screen is controlled with a line of matte silver paddles which took me a day or two to navigate and then I found simple. It has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto too.

The seats are very stylishly upholstered in woven houndstooth fabric, which is also used on the dash and door panels, bot only the edges of the seats are trimmed with pleather and, I'll be honest, as much as I enjoyed the beautiful interior I was VERY nervous of our daughter eating, drinking or doing anything in the car!

The reversing camera image at first seemed computer generated as it's so clear, and although I found it different at first I loved the various camera view angles available, especially the bird's eye view that made parking so easy because I could see my position in the lines (in the image below and in the video review there's a black box around the car in the image as I had a door open at the time).

The 5008 felt really solid on the road and was great to drive, it has a lot of grunt and really sticks to the road.

It was a HOT week when I had the 5008 for testing and I found the air-con fan was very loud when I had it on full blast to cool down the cab.

The second-row seats in the 5008 all slide and move independently. There are top tethers for each one, all of which are clearly labelled in plastic guides on the back of each backrest, AND there is also ISOFix in the seat base of ALL THREE second-row seats, which is fantastic!

I found I could fit three child seats across the second row. I did have to remove the headrests for the forward-facing child seats, so that they sat properly.

The third-row seats had a slightly different method of folding up and down that I hadn't seen before, in terms of how they come in and out of the boot floor. Their mechanism was nice and light and simple to use and I could sit comfortably sit in the third-row seats (I'm 162cm) with enough headroom and leg-room behind a rear-facing child seat AND there be enough legroom for me to sit in the driver's seat in front of that! However, I don't think there is enough space for a 180cm passenger in the first and third rows with a rear-facing child seat in the second-row.

The front passenger seat folds down completely flat which makes it much easier to climb through to the central seat, or to reach through to the back to do up seat belts and harnesses.

Although the second-row seats slide forward, with child seats installed in the outer positions of the second row there is still not enough room for someone to squeeze through the gap. I found you would need to uninstall a child seat in order to access the third-row seats.

There are no top tethers or ISOFix in the third-row seats, so I didn't fit any in there, and I believe the 5008 is more of a great five-seater with a generously sized boot and the option of carrying more friends or family when needed, but probably not every day!

The Peugeot 5008 is full of great features, like the child lock button on the front dashboard. The second-row windows have built-in sun blinds which I think are just the best feature!

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better there are also fold down tray tables in the back of both front seats, we found that our daughter in her child seat couldn't reach to use the tray tables as she sat too hight but the passengers that weren't in child seats could use them easily.

Storage was quite minimal in the 5008, in the front, there are two cup holders good for disposable and reusable coffee cups, the front door bins could hold a large refillable water bottle. A wireless phone charging tray in front of the gear lever and there was a space for a wine bottle in the central console box! No sunglasses holder though and the glove box was small, only room for my wallet with the manual. In the second row, there are just the small door bins and two net map pockets and the third row just has a cup holder on one side.

The boot of the 5008 as a five-seater has very good storage space and it held all three Mountain Buggy strollers and the Britax tandem stroller with differing amounts of shopping bags alongside them.

When using all seven seats the boot space is tiny and I could only fit four shopping bags or the Mountain Buggy Nano compact stroller was the only stroller I could fit with a couple of shopping bags.

When using only five seats the boot floor was nice and flat, suitable for an emergency nappy change! When using all seven seats there was definitely not enough room.

The Peugeot 5008 scored a five-star ANCAP safety rating in 2016 and has six airbags as standard, dual frontal and side chest airbags and curtain head airbags for the second and third-row passengers. As well as seatbelt reminders for all three rows of seats.

BabyDrive Indepth

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  1. Great review thanks! Wondering if it was possible to fit 2 baby seats in the second row, one in the middle and one on the outside, and still be able to slide the empty seat forward and flip the backrest down? We have 5 month old twins so are in rear facing seats for now but front facing before too long. We would use the 3rd row mainly for our two small dogs and only very occasionally a person or two. Being able to install 2 seats, middle and outer, then access the 3rd row by sliding and flipping the empty 2nd row seat would be very handy.

    • Hi Aaron, Yes I think you could do that, the independent seats in the second-row make it really easy to have different seat combinations like that. Enjoy it’s a great car 🙂

  2. Thanks for the baby proof review! We just checked out the 5008 and found that there is extra storage space under 2nd row seats, which is handy to hide valuables extra, also the last row seats are fully removable which make the boot capacity even bigger, tempted to get one now! 😀

    • It’s SUUUUCH a great family car! Yes there is some extra storage that I actually missed when I reviewed it… OOPS!

    • Hi, There are no top tether anchorages or ISOFix in the third-row seats so you can’t put any child seats back there.

    • Hi there! I have it for 1 year now and it’s a great car! Regarding 3rd row, i use both seats for my 8 years old twins with Britax DISCOVERY SL highback booster seats and they both perfectly fit there! Also bare in mind that the 2nd row each seat is retractable so you can make as much legroom for the 3rd row you need. Finally i need to say that shopping in Ikea with my 5008 is a dream!! Last visit to Ikea i used outside 2nd row seats for my twins, put the middle one down and had enough space to take a table with 6 seats in boxes to my house, people in Ikea never thought they would fit!! 🙂

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