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BabyDrive Verdict

What a BEAUTIFUL BabyDrive!! The Porsche Cayenne is a luxury SUV that does soooo much right! It's modern, luxurious, FAST, and at the same time being very practical as a family car.

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Firstly the Cayenne is a fantastic car to drive, it's smooth, quiet and stylishly simple on the outside so it doesn't attract too much attention. BUT this is the kind of car where you choose the model based on which engine you want (this is the second from top Turbo model) and then A LOT of the features are expensive optional extras, including many of those which I loved on the model tested here (and a lot of which can be found standard on a lot of cars costing a fraction of the Porsche's price).


A fun feature of the Cayenne is the turbo boost button on the steering wheel that gives you twenty seconds of high-performance power! Not only is this a lot of fun but means you can get up to speed quickly on motorways or overtake confidently etc. And kids LOVE it when they can shout ‘press the turbo boost mummy'!!!


On the inside, the interior is beautiful, with well balanced red leather, black and silver trim used across the front dash and central console.


Branding is not garish, with a badge on the steering wheel and branded headrests in the red leather seats.

The Cayenne has a large sunroof which allows lots of natural light in. But the best bit is all the windows including the sunroof are made of noise protection privacy glass. Which makes for a lovely quiet drive!

The BabyDrive friendly features keep on coming! You can open the Porsche Cayenne from any one of the doors with the key in your bag or pocket. I love this feature because on most cars with auto-unlock doors you have to go to the driver's door first to unlock the car.

The Porsche Cayenne key, like the Tesla Model S, is a little car-shaped fob. That you need to be careful doesn't get lost in your kiddies toy box!!

One of the best BabyDrive features of the Porsche Cayenne is the automatic soft closing doors. So even if they are not fully closed they will automatically pull gently too. This is a fantastic BabyDrive feature for safety but it also means the doors close nice and quietly so they will not disturb the passengers with loud noises.

The Porsche Cayenne happily fits three child seats across the back seats, using the ISOFix in the two outer seats and the seatbelt in the central seat. With only two child seats installed I could sit between them and I'm 162cm.


Legroom is excellent in the Cayenne and we found that a 180cm driver could easily fit in front of a rear-facing child seat.

Space has not been stolen from the boot, it too is very spacious and we could fit sixteen bags of shopping in there from empty. That's comparable to the BMW X5 which also fits sixteen. For comparison, the Audi Q8 holds fifteen, the Range Rover Velar holds fourteen and the Jaguar F-Pace holds thirteen.


All sizes of pram fit easily in the boot with a good amount of shopping too. The boot floor is flat and carpeted and large dog fits nicely in the boot.


There are buttons on the right-hand side of the boot to raise and lower the height of the rear suspension, allowing easier access to lift things in and out of the boot and easier for smaller dogs to jump up into it!

Storage is great throughout the interior too, with two practically sized cup holders in the central console, a glove box that will fit an iPad and door bins in both rows that will hold a large refillable water bottle.

There are hidden drawers underneath the front seats, which I found really handy for popping valuables in when going to the beach.

The Porsche Cayenne has an excellent media system, that I found easy to navigate using the scroll bar on the right-hand side. It does have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well.

Most things are altered through the media system like the rear aircon, which is a great BabyDrive feature so you can easily adjust it while driving.

Air vents in the back of the central console make it cool in the back for little rear passengers. As well as 12V and USB socket in the pack for rear charging.

The reversing camera image quality is excellent, very crisp and clear and you get two big images on the screen. You have different views available and you can mute the parking sensors easily on the right of the screen.

The Porsche Cayenne has a night vision camera so you can easily see animals when driving in the dark.

The Porsche Cayenne is yet to be given an ANCAP Safety Rating.

Eight airbags come as standard in the Porsche Cayenne.

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  1. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for your review which is very interesting. I’ve 2 daughters (8 and 5 years old) and now I’ll have a son in June. Currently I’ve a Macan GTS but I’m looking for a bigger car to carry in the future my 3 kids. So could you let me know the precise models of Britax seats you put in your Cayenne?
    Thanks in advance for your help,

  2. I have a Porche cayenne, just coming 5 years old. Up to now the baby seats have been fine. Fitted in with ice fix.
    Now I have the seat for a 4-10 year old where the back raises for the height of the child. ONLY NOW have I realised it doesn’t fit properly. I have tried fitting Porche s own car seat and the same problem occurs. The head rest fitted on the car seat no longer can be removed. There fore no child seat fits correctly in to the Porche if your child is over 3\4 years old. How can this of happened

    • In some models made by VW Group there’s a little button you can push a pen or similar into to release the headrest. Not sure if that works on the Porsche? Good luck!

  3. This was great. I have a 2029 cayenne and was considering buying new car as I have a 1 year old but also have a new baby on the way
    I didn’t know it could
    Fit two car seats and also someone in the back that’s perfect maybe I won’t trade it then

  4. Thank you for the great review. For the 18-way sport seats, the bolster of the back seat is also high. The flat area of the back seat is narrow. Will the britax seat base fit into the flat area? Otherwise, it could damage the back seat bolster.

  5. Hello,

    I am trying to decide between the Cayene and the X5, and at this point to me it all comes down to the boot space. Which one would you say is larger, more comfortable and easy to fit lot of shopping and luggage?

    Thanks a lot!

    P.S. I love your reviews!

    • Hi Aesha 🙂 That is a tricky decision between those two cars. They have very similar boot space both holding 16 shopping bags and so I’m afraid that’s not really going to help you! The Cayenne did seem to hold slightly more when putting prams in the boot. It’s a difficult decision but I’d say drive them both and see which you love driving the most. They are both beautiful cars inside and out 🙂

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