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BabyDrive Verdict

I was really looking forward to getting behind the wheel of the NEW VW Touareg and giving it our unique BabyDrive testing! Let's find out how this mid-size five-seater family SUV gets on…

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The 2020 VW Touareg is a great looking family SUV packed full of family-friendly features that I found myself grateful for as I discovered each one throughout our week of testing it. It's strange that the smaller Tiguan Allspace has seven seats where this only has five, which must have been an interesting meeting at VW headquarters in Germany!

VW Touareg 2020

The adjustable front headrests made me instantly happy when I first got in and adjusted my seat and found I could keep my ponytail in!

The rear windows both have built-in window blinds, which I LOVE as you can keep them up on journeys so if the sun comes through the windows you know rear little passengers are shielded from the sun.

There are individual child lock buttons on the driver's door panel, allowing you to just apply the child lock to the side of the car where children are sat.

The car doors have auto-lock and unlock which makes going to and from the car so much simpler even without kids! You don't have to fumble about in your bag for your keys.

Within the media system, you can control the brightness of the interior cabin lights, which I found great for driving in the dark, so I could put the cabin lights on dimly for my daughter rather than one bright spotlight.

You can also turn the rear ceiling lights on and off from the light panel in the front ceiling, meaning you don't have to reach through to them while you are driving which I found really helpful.

We found the interior of the VW Touareg really spacious and the rear seats easily held three forward-facing or rear-facing child seats. I also found I could sit between two child seats in the back.

VW Touareg 2020

Legroom was good too and we found with a rear-facing child seat installed a 180cm driver could sit in front.

VW Touareg 2020

Boot space is generous in the VW Touareg too, holding 15 shopping bags from empty or a twin pram and five shopping bags. That's comparable to the boot of the Range Rover Velar which holds 14 bags while the BMW X5 can hold 16 while both the Lexus RX350L and Range Rover Discovery hold 18 shopping bags when used as a five-seaters.

VW Touareg 2020

Or you could fit a large dog in the boot of the Touareg.

VW Touareg 2020

The media system in the VW Touareg is easy to use and navigate and has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The reversing camera image is good and fills the whole screen, you can turn the parking sensors off on the screen too.

The sat-nav guidance is also easily muted on the touch screen which is great for not disturbing little passengers in the back.

Storage is good throughout the VW Touareg, with well-sized cup holders in the front and rear, all the door bins hold large refillable water bottles and even a space for a babycino behind them in the front!!

There are rear air vents in the back of the central console box to keep rear passengers cool in the Australian sun and below them two USB and a 12V socket.

The VW Touareg is a nice family SUV to drive. Visibility is quite good when parking and maneuvering and I found it quite a smooth ride both around town and out on the open roads.

The VW Touareg was given a five-star ANCAP Safety Rating in 2019 and six airbags come as standard.

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  1. Could you please provide the details of the type of seats used to fit three seats across?
    The one’s I have do not fit and most standard car seats average 45cm wide!

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