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The 2021 Skoda Kamiq is a small five-seater SUV, filled with the usual Swiss army knife of Skoda gadgets! Let's find out how it gets on with our BabyDrive testing…

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I'll start with all the gadgets and they're mostly in the boot! Firstly you can turn over the boot floor carpet and it has rubber on the other side. I would probably leave it on this side permanently for putting prams in and out of the boot or transporting dogs, kids sports gear, scooters and bikes etc.

Then there are the cargo nets! There are four cargo nets in the boot of the 2021 Skoda Kamiq, which I found really useful during our week with the car for separating kids gear, wet stuff in one, umbrella in another, ball in another etc.

There are storage wells behind the wheel arches on either side as well as bags hooks and a torch on the left-hand side of the boot. But my FAVOURITE clever Skoda Kamiq boot feature is the top tether anchorage covers that double as luggage hooks! So when you are not using one or more of the top tether anchorages then there is a luggage hook!

2021 Skoda Kamiq 85 TSI top tether child seat anchorages in the second row

The 2021 Skoda Kamiq's boot is a fair size for a little SUV, holding ten shopping bags when empty, the same as the Citroen C3 Aircross and Nissan Juke however it's two more than the VW T-Cross. I found that because the boot floor of the VW T-Cross drops down it is actually a little more practical for a family car as prams and strollers fitted without removing the parcel shelf, whereas in the Kamiq I found you would have to remove the parcel shelf to fit a double pram.

There are more clever Skoda gadgets in the rest of the car. Like the ice scraper in the fuel cover, this is not something the majority of Australians will ever need for their car but I come from the UK where you definitely keep an ice scraper in your vehicle!

There are slots in the back seats to hold the seatbelts from flapping around if you have the window open and because they keep the metal part of the seatbelt out of the sun, it stops them from getting burningly hot in the Australian climate too.

There is also the sneaky umbrella in the driver's door which is another Skoda classic.

What I don't understand is how Skoda can get all of that so right and not the cup holders?! The only cup holders are in the central console and they aren't the right size to hold any vessel I tried, except a disposable coffee cup, which is a real shame.

The rest of the storage throughout the Kamiq is more practical with a good size glove box and glasses case in the ceiling as well as door bins that will hold large refillable water bottles.

In the back of the 2021 Skoda Kamiq are ISOFix points in the two outer seats and top tether anchorages for all three rear seats. You can fit two child seats in the back nicely. We found there is space for a 182cm adult to sit in front of a rear-facing child seat on the passenger side and a 182cm driver in front of a forward-facing child seat.

There is a third top tether anchorage for the centre seat so you do have flexibility if you want to position a seat in the central position but we couldn't fit a third child seat or person between the two child seats, so the Kamiq would suit a family of four for everyday trips.

2021 Skoda Kamiq 85 TSI with two child seats installed in the second row

We found it a great little car to drive with our family for the everyday school and daycare runs around town and its tight turning circle helps with shopping centre and school car parks. It feels sturdy on the motorway at speed too and doesn't feel like a small car to drive. It is nippy once it's going but there is a couple of seconds' lag when you first accelerate, which you do have to allow for when pulling out of a roundabout or junction.

Skoda have gone to quite a bit of effort with the interior of the Kamiq, with contrast stitching in the seating and contrast light grey suede panelling (although this did make me a little nervous with my kiddies!)

2021 Skoda Kamiq 85 TSI ISOFIX child seat anchorages in the second row

There is a nice design detail in the front lights with a smashed glass effect so a little more thought has gone into the outside too.

The media system in the 2021 Skoda Kamiq is quite simple and easy to use and it has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

I particularly like the settings page for turning on and off the drive-assist features of the car, the visual made it really easy to use.

The 2021 Skoda Kamiq has air-con vents in the back which are great for keeping the rear passengers big and small cool in the Australian climate. However, the aircon fan speed isn't that easy to control as it's all done through the media screen with a two-touch process that makes adjusting it while driving difficult.

The camera image quality is a little milky but, you do get the full-screen view as well as a bird's-eye-view showing obstacles the parking sensors have picked up. You can also turn the parking sensors off with a button on the screen.

The 2021 Skoda Kamiq has a five star ANCAP safety rating and six airbags: Dual frontal, side chest-protecting and side head-protecting (curtain) airbags for both rows of seats are standard.

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Advert: Mocka nursery furniture

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