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BabyDrive Verdict

I didn't have any expectations of the Mitsubishi Triton when I was kindly lent one to test for BabyDrive by the Cricks Mitsubishi showroom in Nambour on the Sunshine Coast. But I was pleasantly surprised!

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The Triton is one of the best utes I have tested for making the crossover into being a family friendly vehicle! It feels fantastic to drive, nice and smooth and like driving a car rather than a Ute.

This feeling continues as the interior wraps and shrinks around you; the Triton feels more like a big SUV rather than a huge ute to drive. It was smooth and quiet! It was great around town and felt easy to park. The reversing camera and screen were small and not the best image quality but I didn't find parking a problem.

The cab is very roomy and legroom was spacious even with rear-facing child seats installed in the back.

Storage throughout the cab is good, the central console box is a decent size and it has a phone tray in the top.

Cup holders are well sized for refillable and disposable coffee cups.

Rear cup holders fold down from the central seat armrest.

The door bins are well sized to hold large refillable water bottles and my wallet.

The glove box is a good size for an iPad and wallet.

There are two ISO Fix and two top tethers in the back of the Triton, both in the two outer seats. I like that about it, it's honest and not pretending to have room for a third child seat when it really doesn't!

The ISO Fix are not within plastic guides but were not too difficult to attach to. Accessing the top tethers both behind the seat back was really well thought out. There was a single loop handle to pull the backrest forward, which was great because it didn't require two hands. There are also two zips behind the fold-out armrest in the central seat back; unzip these and you can stick your hands through to do up or undo the top tether clips too. It's a method I found really great for fitting the two seats I installed The Britax Unity rear-facing infant capsule and the rear-facing Britax Graphene.

I also found I could bring the front passenger seat right forward and step through to access the middle rear seat!

The tray was bigger in the Triton than the Nissan Navara, holding 28 shopping bags (the Navara can take 24 bags). It was nice and easy to access the first two rows of shopping from standing on the floor, and to slide strollers in and out too.

With the Mountain Buggy Duet twin stroller in the tray I could fit 21 shopping bags, with the Britax Flexx tandem stroller in the tray I could fit 20 shopping bags.

With the Britax Flexx single stroller, I can fit 23 shopping bags and the Britax Holiday stroller, I can fit 26.

The Triton does win a lot of BabyDrive points so far! However there are a few downsides… the media system is very dated, although it DOES have Apple Car Play and Android Auto, which it needs as Mitsubishi's own system user-friendly! The screen is also small and pixellated for such a large vehicle and there are no rear parking sensors, which would be handy on such a big vehicle!

The Triton does feel a bit beepy! There were chimes and beeps for all sorts of things that I couldn't turn off!

The back window is flat, as in all utes, so it lets the sun straight in onto rear facing passengers even if the windows are tinted, which does put me off utes a bit!

The interior of the cab has a lot of that Mitsubishi black plastic that I hate! It is shiny and so cheap feeling to touch, it seems to be in all Mitsubishi interiors and really makes them feel budget and built to price!

Overall, Mitsubishi has done a great job with making the Triton feel like a much smaller car to drive and have the comfort and ride of a car rather than a workhorse ute!

The Mitsubishi Triton scored a five-star ANCAP safety rating in 2015 and has seven airbags as standard.

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