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BabyDrive Verdict

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The Skoda Octavia would not be an obvious BabyDrive in today's climate of family SUVs. However, pre-SUVs wagons were the family car of choice!

The Octavia is very practical in terms of boot space and there are some nice thoughtful little Skoda features in there like space dividers, a torch, an umbrella etc. Empty the boot would hold 15 shopping bags! Or the Mountain Buggy Duet twin stroller and four bags.

Both the Britax Flexx tandem and single strollers fitted with eight shopping bags. The Britax Holiday compact stroller fitted with 12 shopping bags.

Or you could easily get a large family dog in the boot!!

Space was okay inside the cabin too. There are two ISO Fix, one in each of the rear outer seats, within plastic guides and really easy to connect to.

There are top tethers in all three rear seats. The outer seats have the tethers in their seatbacks but in the central seat it is located behind the headrest and is really difficult to connect to because the headrest only lifts up 2cm!

I could install two child seats in the Octavia in the outer seats. I installed the rear-facing Britax Unity infant capsule and the Britax Graphene (rear facing). Installation was quite simple but I found I could not reach the top tethers through the boot because it was far too deep, so I had to bring the backrests forward to attach the top tethers!

Aesthetically the Octavia felt like I was driving around in an 80's boys bedroom, with quilted grey suede, and red and black trims! Not really my thing but I'm sure the intended consumer appreciates it and the red trim sat nicely with the red exterior paintwork.

The Octavia was a nice car to drive but had quite a hard and sporty feel which I think would be quite jostling for young passengers.

The media screen and reversing camera had nice crisp and clear images, were modern to use and easy to navigate.

The Skoda Octavia scored a  five-star ANCAP safety rating in 2016.

BabyDrive Indepth

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