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BabyDrive Verdict

The Skoda Superb. I just wanted to drive it because of the name!! Skoda has got to be pretty confident about a car to call it that!!

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No egg on Skoda's face, as the Superb was a great BabyDrive! It has an enormous boot that would hold 15 shopping bags! It was full of all kinds of surprises like the ‘sash' underneath the cargo blind that would be great for holding more delicate items out of the main boot space, or awkward items that roll around like balls.

The sides were full of tricks such as a torch, boot dividing walls that stick to the boot floor so you can section things off (for example holding a lunch box still).

The strollers all fitted really easily into the nice big, open boot space. With the Mountain Buggy Duet twin stroller, I could fit five shopping bags around it.

With the Britax Flexx tandem and single strollers, I could fit 10 bags with either stroller or the Britax Holiday compact stroller I could fit 13 shopping bags. The boot would be big enough for a large dog!

Storage in the cabin was just as inventive! There were umbrellas in the ends of the doors, conveniently located for getting in and out of the car.

The front door pockets are a good size for a large refillable water bottle and wallet and they also have a little rubbish bin in them! Which I think is great as it is always where the rubbish ends up being put in our car!!

There are two cup holders in the front and back but they are all very small. The central console storage box and glove box were not enormous but they both have the option for chilling the contents with temperature dials.

The central console storage box also has a hidden compartment to allow an iPad to be stored in there out of sight!

In the back, the map pockets are small and solid but my favourite feature is the indoor window blinds! I LOVE this feature!! It is great for a BabyDrive so you are not moving stick-on blinds constantly to keep Bub out of the sun!

The legroom in the Superb is AMAZING!! I think it is the best I have tested yet! With rear facing child seats installed in the back, the front passenger has 30cm of knee room!! That is epic! The whole car is very spacious in the front and back.

In the back there are two ISO Fix within plastic guides in the two outer seats, which were really easy to connect to.

There were top tethers in all three rear seats, in the seat backs in the boot for the outer seats and the central top tether point is not clearly labelled but is behind the central headrest.

I could only install two child seats in the rear of the Superb because the car seat backs were quite sculpted. I installed the Britax Unity rear-facing infant capsule on one outer seat and the Britax Graphene rear facing in the other outer seat. They were really simple to install, although I did have to attach the top tethers by pulling the seat backs forward rather than through the boot because I couldn't reach across the long boot to the top tethers!

When I tested the central seat I found it REALLY difficult to attach the central top tether point because the headrest only raises by a couple of centimetres and there is barely enough room to post the top tether through let alone connect it! Then the adjustment buckle on the top tether strap sat right where the headrest was which made it really difficult to adjust.

I found the Superb was a great car to drive, both smooth and quiet. I did struggle with the cruise control controls being on a stalk rather than on the steering wheel though.

The media screen was of great quality with a clean and crisp image.

The Skoda Superb scored a five-star ANCAP safety rating in 2016 and has nine airbags as standard.

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Tace Clifford founded BabyDrive in 2017 after discovering a huge information gap in mainstream car reviews that left new parents and expanding families in the dark when it came to one of the biggest purchasing decisions of their lives.

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