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2019 was another year of getting to drive SOOOO many FANTASTIC cars and testing them for their family friendliness! The year was also made interesting by the number of electric and hybrid cars I tested and it is no surprise that two of them make it into my Top 5 favourite cars of 2019.TOP 5 FAVOURITE CARS OF 2019Now I haven't chosen these for their family-friendliness, it's all because of their looks, their character and the feeling when driving them! Let's find out what I picked:

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In 1st Place – The Ford Mustang V8 GT

The Ford Mustang V8 GT has to be the Favourite Cars of 2019 winner for me! WHAT a fun and surprisingly practical car! Not to mention feeling like Ben 10 when I'm driving around in it! Kindy drop of and pick up did take a bit longer as every child wanted to look at the Ben 10 car! We had such a fun week driving the Ford Mustang V8 GT, you can see the full review here. Shame about the poor three-star ANCAP rating…

In 2nd Place – The Hyundai Kona EV

In second place, at the opposite end of the fuel consumption spectrum, is the Hyundai Kona EV. We have spent A LOT of time with the Kona EV this year, and each time we had it the battery life kept getting better and better! We have been on some great weekends away and we got to see what it was like to live with the Kona EV for a month! We have LOVED it so much it's like a member of our family, our daughter even knows how to plug it in to charge by herself and every week when I say what car do you think mummy will bring home today she says “Is it the electric Kona?!” If my husband wasn't so tall I know we would SERIOUSLY consider one as our family car! You can see the full review here.

In 3rd Place – The Tesla Model S

In third place, the Tesla Model S. Who doesn't want the chance to drive a Tesla? I spent Mothers Day weekend with fart mode on constantly, experiencing a G-Force not even the rides at Movie World can match and cruising the Sunshine Coast hinterland in the peace and quiet of electric heaven, making it a car I'll always remember! You can see the full review here.

In 4th Place – The VW Multivan

In 4th position, the VW Multivan is an epic BabyDrive! Living on the coast we could get our paddleboards in here with everything we needed for our family too. We had some fantastic family adventures in it and it is super practical as an everyday family car too, fitting five child seats easily and with plenty of space besides! See the full VW Multivan review here.

In 5th Place – The BMW X7

In 5th place, the BMW X7 is the seven-seat family SUV that ticks all the BabyDrive parenting boxes as well as being a joy to drive. If you think of a family-friendly feature, it will be in the BMW X7! Rarely does an SUV get it so right! See if the BMW X7 will suit your family here.

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