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I had so much fun driving the 2019 V8 Ford Mustang GT for BabyDrive!

Springfree trampoline

These are my top three favourite family features:

  1. The beautiful, load V8 exhaust noise can be silenced using Quiet Mode in the settings within the screen in front of the steering wheel AND you can set it for certain hours 11pm-7am for example to be kind to your neighbours and your kids!
  2. You can get two forward-facing child seats in the back relatively easily and there is lots of room to reach in and do up the harnesses.
  3. The drive is really nice and the car shrinks around you so it doesn't feel so big to drive, in normal mode, the ride is nice and smooth too.

You can see the full 2019 V8 Ford Mustang GT review here.

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Springfree trampoline

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