2019 BMW i3
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2019 BMW i3

The BMW i3 holds a surprising amount in its boot, single and tandem prams and strollers and two car seats fit nicely in the back seats Read More

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Kia Cerato Sport 2018 hatch

2018 Kia Cerato Sport

The Kia Cerato gets big ticks for interior space! Even with a rear-facing child seat installed, there was 26cm of knee room in the front passenger seat! The boot was surprisingly practical too, and I could fit 10 shopping bags from empty and even a big twin stroller alongside a shopping bag, so very user-friendly! Read More

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2018 Mazda3 Neo

The Mazda3 is a very popular car so I was very keen to give it a test for BabyDrive! I drove the hatch, a compact little car which for its price is actually very good. Read More


2017 Honda Civic VTi-LX

The latest Honda Civic did not look like the hatchback I was expecting! It seemed too long and I thought we’d been given the Sedan! Read More