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I recently had the pleasure of meeting racing driver, mum of one and awesome driving instructor Melinda Price, when I was invited to an Audi Women's Driving Day Experience at the stunning Mount Cotton test track in Brisbane. Melinda has raced in many categories in Australia, competed in five Bathurst 1000’s and also raced overseas at the famous Nurburgring three times!!

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In case you missed it:

I was so excited on the day to meet and be taught by so many racing professionals. Melinda taught me how to negotiate the wet and skiddy track and most memorably now to corner in the wet around the motorkhana timed driving challenge!! I am so excited that Melinda agreed to share some of her racing history with us, as well as her family life and the balance of being a successful racing driver and a hard working mum.


Tell us about your career and what inspired you to become a racing driver?

My father used to race cars and my family is heavily Involved in go-karting. I was brought up surrounded by racing and started karting when I was nine. It was just what we did every weekend. (I was raised as the eldest son).

I have been extremely lucky to have raced in many categories in Australia, competed in five Bathurst 1000s and also race overseas at the famous Nurburgring three times. I have returned to retro karting this year in the RKA – which I absolutely love, and have plans to race in Touring Car Masters in 2020.

What does it mean to you to be a working mum?

It’s very difficult as a single mum to juggle work, study, kids activities, and try and have enough time to be a fun mum and have a bit of personal life too, as well as go off racing cars … as I’m sure every working mum on the planet understands. I think Lily and I have a good balance going on (most of the time) and lucky for me she loves coming to the races and understands when mummy has to work or study. It's very important (well to me anyway) to have a strong sense of independence and ambition on a professional level.

How many children do you have?

My one beautiful daughter Lily, who just turned eight.

What is your current family car?

Nothing exciting – it’s a practical mummy SUV (that just fits the go-kart in it)

Does your car have a name and who named it?

Haha no, it doesn’t – but they have had in the past!

What are your family's funniest or biggest disasters?

My daughter fell off her new monkey bars in our front yard one hour before her sixth birthday party and broke her arm. We rushed off to the hospital and spent the weekend there, leaving the grandparents in charge of delivering the bad news to all the guests as they arrived!

What was your first car?

A Toyota Celica which was Kermit the frog green.

Toyota Celica green

What car did your parents have when you were growing up?

I remember mum mostly having to have a station wagon so we could tow the go-kart trailer (poor mum).

What does Lily say about your car or your driving?

Lily likes to come to the racing with me and to go go-karting and loves it when I take the race car to school.

If you could wake up on Mother's Day and have any car what would it be?

Hmm….I have always wanted a McLaren …

What does Mother's day look like for you?

Perhaps some (homemade) vouchers for breakfast in bed and a foot massage… A present from the school Mother's Day stall, and maybe lunch with Lily, my mum and my brother… and then I’ll be heading off to the airport to fly to Sydney for some drive days with Audi.

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