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I LOVED driving the 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe Highlander, it is a great seven-seater family car as a BabyDrive!

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These are my top six favourite family features:

  1. It has air-con vents in all three rows and that can be controlled from the front
  2. You can use the key to remotely drive the 2021 Santa Fe Highlander in and out of tight parking spaces
  3. It gives you the ability to touch lock and unlock any of the doors or boot with the key in your pocket, which makes going to and from the car with kids so much easier.
  4. The media system includes sounds of nature (white noise), quiet mode, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
  5. Cameras- indicator cameras in screen in front of driver
  6. The Highlander has rear window blinds and remote child lock button to stop them opening the doors and electric windows

You can see the full 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe Highlander review here.

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