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2022 was an EPIC year of cars! Even with the continued supply chain delays I have had so many opportunities to drive and test so many BEAUTIFUL new cars with my family for BabyDrive! The shift to electric has never been more evident as three-quarters of the cars I test now are either hybrid, plug-in hybrid or fully EV! I LOVE this change! The drive is fun and I'm a huge fan of the instant acceleration. So amongst all the very practical family cars I drive and test are some that REALLY STAND OUT, ones I think about when I'm awake at night after one of my daughters has woken me up for something (you know the times I mean)!

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Note: I haven't chosen these cars necessarily based on their family-friendliness, it's all because of their looks, their character and the feeling when driving them! Let's find out what I picked as BabyDrive's Top 4 Cars of 2022:

BabyDrive's Top 4 Cars of 2022 - BMW M240i Coupe

Joint 1st Place: BMW M240i Coupe

The BMW M240i Coupe in this stunning Thundernight Metallic aubergine colour looks INCREDIBLE and takes a very well-deserved first place. You may think “A two-door coupe as a family car?!” However, let me stop you there. This car has heaps of interior space, ISOFix and top tether anchors in both rear seats that are very easy to install Infasecure child seats into and use on a daily basis. The BMW M240i coupe is soooo fantastic to drive that the whole family will be excited to get in it each time and there is no more “I don't want to go in the car!!” This is the car I would choose to buy with my own money purely to enjoy the way it feels to drive and the fact it is surprisingly practical for the family seals the deal. The BMW 2 Series Coupe starts at around $70,000 and for just over $90K ths M240i version feels worth every extra dollar. See the top three family-friendly features of the BMW M240i Coupe here.

BabyDrive's Top 4 Cars of 2022 - Porsche 911 GTS

Joint 1st Place: Porsche 911 GTS

In joint first place, the Porsche 911 GTS is a car I have dreamt of driving from a very young age and the fact I get to do it with my mini-mes on board is just FANTASTIC! You may not think a sports car like this is a practical family choice  and BabyDrive but actually, it is surpisingly doable. The whole family is happy when we're driving this car and it feels AMAZING to drive! It corners like nothing else and grips the road, it is so much fun out on the open roads while still being fun and enjoyable for everyday school drop-offs and commutes. It has ISOFix and top tether anchorages in both rear seats and a surprising amount of legroom. A little out of most people's budget at $385,000 I hope to one day park a Porsche 911 GTS in my garage next to the rest of my favourite car collection (the 911 range starts at around $260K and would be just as practical at that price point)! See the top three family-friendly features of the Porsche 911 GTS here.

BabyDrive's Top 4 Cars of 2022 - Audi S3 Sedan

2nd Place: Audi S3 Sedan

In second place, the beautiful luxury Audi S3 Sedan really earns its position among BabyDrive's top 4 cars of 2022. The Audi S3 Sedan is sensational and I found myself making excuses to go out just to drive it! With its luxury interior, you are cocooned from outside road noise too but it is also really easy to see out of and pretty spacious.

The steering is light and intuitive and it has a tight turning circle with good visibility so everyday commutes and school drop-offs are just as enjoyable as driving out on the open roads. The Audi S3 Sedan has top tether anchorages for all three rear seats and well-designed ISOFix points in both of the outer rear seats allowing me to install two Infasecure child seats in the back comfortably. Ranging in price between $70,000 and $73,000 the Audi S3 Sedan is the most affordable so far of my favourite cars of 2022! See the top three family-friendly features of the Audi S3 Sedan here.

BabyDrive's Top 4 Cars of 2022 - Polestar 2 EV

3rd Place: Polestar 2 EV

The Polestar 2 Long Range Dual Motor is the only EV in BabyDrive's top 4 cars of 2022 and deserves its place in this company for its elegance and beautiful, fun and fast drive. The seating in the Polestar 2 is especially enjoyable, the vegan fabric the seats are upholstered with doesn't seem to overheat whan parked in the sun like most cars so it was always comfortable to get in and sit onto. When it comes to carrying the family, there are top tether anchorages for all three rear seats and ISOFix points in the two outer rear seats allowing two Infasecure child seats to fit really well in the rear seats. The boot space is practical for fitting prams in the boot too and it is actually a hatch opening rather than the sedan you'd expect given its looks. We were testing the Long Range Dual Motor variant and found it does about 400km to a full battery charge. This model had the Performance Pack which allows it to do a very fun and epically quick 0-100km/h in 4.7 seconds! Three versions of the Polestar 2 range in price between $60,000 and $100,000 depending on how much you spend on upgrade packs. The cheapest model is just as practical and would beat the Audi S3 for most affordable in this list of BabyDrive's Top 4 Cars of 2022! See the top three family-friendly features of the Polestar 2 here.

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