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What are adaptive headlights?

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Adaptive Headlights give you a greater field of vision at night. The headlights automatically swivel as you turn the steering wheel to light the road in the direction you are travelling. This helps you see more of what might be around the corner as you are turning, it could be another car coming or a bike or a pedestrian.
Traditional headlights are fixed straight ahead so you may not see obstacles as you go around a corner.

What are the pros and cons of adaptive headlights? Do you need adaptive headlights on your family car?

My initial thoughts were… night time, what’s that?! That’s for all those young, free and single people and they won’t be interested in BabyDrive or driving at night! They’ll be getting Ubers to swanky bars!! How would I know if this is a useful BabyDrive feature I don’t get to go out at night anymore!!!

Although most of this is sadly true!! I do believe this is a great BabyDrive driver aid. Anything that gives you better vision when driving in the dark and doesn’t make any noises and does it completely unaided leaving you to concentrate on driving and your little passengers so it is a winner with me!

How do adaptive headlights work?

Adaptive headlights use sensors that work with your steering wheel angle to turn the headlights in the same direction you are steering, as opposed to the traditional headlights that stay fixed straight ahead.
The headlights move side to side as the steering wheel turns, they do not pivot up and down.

What else are they called?

Steering responsive headlights

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