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What is brake assist?

In an emergency braking situation, when you slam on the brakes the Brake Assist applies the brakes with maximum force (more than a human may apply them) helping the car stop as quickly as possible. You have to have applied the brakes first, it does not automatically stop your car for you (that's what auto emergency braking is for).

How does brake assist work?

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When the car's computers notice the brakes have been applied in an emergency braking situation they apply the brakes with maximum force, bringing the car to a stop as quickly as possible.

Is this a useful BabyDrive feature?

This is another great BabyDrive safety feature to look for on vehicles. It just gives you peace of mind that in the event that you need to come to an emergency stop you know the car will help you slam on the breaks by applying maximum force. Hopefully bringing you to a stop much quicker.

What are the other names for brake assist?

Brake assist system

Active brake assist

Emergency brake assist

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