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BabyDrive Verdict

The Suzuki Vitara is a good looking car, in a great colour, and I was won over by its retro, boxy styling! Let's find out how this old-school looking car measures up as a BabyDrive…

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There are some good points to the Vitara; the seats are all comfortable and the rear ones are generously sized and flat, which meant they surprisingly held three child seats at a squeeze! I could install the Britax Unity infant capsule and Britax Graphene both rear facing in the outer two seats and the Britax Maxi Guard Pro forward facing in the central seat.

There are ISO Fix in both outer rear seats and top tether in the seatbacks of all three, which are easily accessible through the boot.

With rear-facing child seats installed, the legroom in the front is also surprisingly good and enough to fit a 186cm driver in!

The boot floor is removable, which gains an extra few centimetres of storage depth that I found made a difference when measuring the boot capacity, especially for fitting strollers into the boot. The extra depth allowed strollers to stack on top of each other rather than filling the floor space.

From empty, I could get 11 shopping bags in the boot and with the Britax Flexx tandem stroller, four shopping bags. The Britax Flexx single stroller left room for five shopping bags and I got nine shopping bags in with the Britax Holiday basic stroller.

Storage in the cabin was not so good! There was not a central console storage box and no cup holders in the back!? The cup holders in the front were square and there was no glasses case in the ceiling!

The interior felt very cheap and plasticky; it felt very much like the base model (and it was)!! I felt like the cabin storage and interior quality and finish really let the Vitara down.

The cruise control was easy to use but shockingly bad at sticking to the set speed, especially at 60km on undulating roads.

The air-conditioning had to work hard to cool the whole cab with its four small, round dash-mounted vents. Their noise, coupled with the exterior traffic noise, did make for a loud journey!

The reversing camera was quite clear. The media screen is quite small but easy to navigate and the Vitara has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The Suzuki Vitara scored a five-star ANCAP safety rating in 2015.

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  1. Hi,

    Im shopping for a new car, Im back from a car show so I went trough the car specs I was looking into. Then I got stunned when I discovered that Vitara has 375 litres boot and VW Golf has 380 litres. But I can swear that when I inspected both cars Vitara seemed to have a bigger boot then Golf. So I started to google for some relevant comparison and found your webpage. Im not shopping for a baby proof car, but your boot space test shows me a lot. And according to your test the Vitara has bigger boot then Golf. Then when I was looking at the pictures more closer I think that I found a small mistake you made when measuring the Vitara. Maybe its just optics of camera, but I think that you would be able to load up another four shopping bags if the floor is removed and you would lay them sideways on top of the first layer of bags, which would make this car pretty much a champion in compact class, reaching same shopping bag capacity as Golf Wagon. Would it be possible to make another picture of Vitaras boot with this scenario (we dont have ALDI here)?

    Best regards Igor

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