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The 2023 MG4 fully electric hatch is the latest affordably priced, fully electric, five-seater family car from MG. On the market in Australia at the moment, starting at $38,990 for the bottom-spec Excite model and going up to $55,990 for the top-spec Essence. There is also a super fast XPower version at $59,990.

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It is available in three battery sizes with different driving ranges: 530km biggest battery, 450km medium, 350km cheapest and on a super fast charger, it takes just 26 minutes to charge to 80%.

Let's jump straight in and see how the 2023 MG4 stacks up for families as a BabyDrive.

This little car is quite impressive when it comes to family practicality, and very surprisingly, it fits three Infasecure child seats across the back seats! Which is a big win for families that need to!

3 child seats in the back of a 2023 MG4

There are ISOFix points in both of the outer rear seats behind a large Velcro flap…


… and top tether anchorages in all three rear seat backs and easily accessible through the boot.

The back seat of a car with a seatbelt.

I could easily install the three Infasecure child seats across the back seat. They do fill the seat base, so you would need to be selective with the child seats you use if you need to fit three across. I installed the Infasecure Attain More and Momentum More child seats forward-facing and the Infasecure Adapt More Infant Capsule rear-facing behind the driver. With the Infasecure Adapt More installed behind the driver's seat, we found a 180cm driver could sit in front of it, or a taller person on the passenger side.

3 child seats in the back of a 2023 MG4

Families may also want to know how suitable the boot space is in the affordable 2023 MG4. The boot floor is nice and flat for anyone wanting to transport their small or medium-sized family dog in the boot.

Two stuffed animals in the trunk of a car.

From empty, ten shopping bags will fit in the boot of the MG4, which is comparable to the Nissan Leaf+ and Toyota Corolla Hybrid, which both hold nine shopping bags and the Volkswagen Golf, which also holds ten shopping bags.

The trunk of a 2023 MG4 is filled with blue bags.

Or you can fit the Jiffle Wagon 6-in-1 pram with its seat in the boot with three shopping bags.

Three blue bags in the trunk of a car.

The Jiffle Wagon 6-in-1 cart fits in the boot with two shopping bags, and the Jiffle wagon holds up to 60kg of cargo inside the wagon too.

A baby stroller in the trunk of a 2023 MG4.

The Jiffle Wagon, in quick fold with the Adapt More Infant capsule installed into the car, fits with n0 shopping bags.

A baby stroller in the trunk of a 2023 MG4.

The MG4 has no air vents in the back, so it is difficult to keep little passengers in the back at the right temperature. There is a single USB socket and phone tray for charging devices in the back of the central console box.

2023 MG4 center console.

Storage is good for passengers in the 2023 MG4. There are map pockets on the back of both front seats and there are phone storage pockets at the top too.

The back seat of a 2023 MG4.

Door bins in the back of the 2023 MG4 are small. They would only fit a baby's bottle or kids' drink cup.

A car with a cup holder and a bottle in it.

Storage in the front is good. The floating central console has two cup holders and a storage area between the two front seats, and in front of the gear rotary dial is a wireless phone charging pad and there are USB and USB-C sockets underneath it.

The interior of a car with a dashboard and steering wheel.

The glove box is a good size to hold an iPad and wallet with the manual.

A car with a magazine in the center console.

Thankfully there is a glasses case in the ceiling (lots of new cars don't have one anymore).

The rear view mirror of a car with a sign on it.

The front door bins are a good size in the 2023 MG4, and an iPad and water bottle fit nicely.

A car with a pink purse and a bottle in the back seat.

The media system in the 2023 MG4 has this lovely large, clean and modern home screen that is easy to use and navigate. It has some great features like the weather and you can easily see your battery range too.

You do have to control the climate through the media screen, which I am not a huge fan of because I find it difficult to do while driving.

You can control the car settings through the media screen, too, things like sound and other general settings so you can customise them to your family's liking.

The 2023 MG4 has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which is fantastic for accessing your phone's music, messaging and navigation apps while driving.

The reversing camera in the 2023 MG4 is lovely and clear, with great visuals from all angles.

You can turn this camera on through the media screen also when you are not reversing. When you come up to a traffic light or junction, a side camera image automatically comes up on the media screen too, giving you great visibility down the side of the car.

The 2023 MG4 is a lovely little EV to drive. It has really light steering and visibility is great and with the good cameras parking is really nice and easy. The MG4 is great for around town and nipping to do school drop-offs and pick-ups. At speed on the motorway, it does feel a little light and vulnerable next to large trucks, but if most of your family driving is suburban, then this will make an enjoyable and very affordable family car. Being an EV, you have all the lovely benefits of driving your kids to sleep without churning through fuel and being able to sit while they nap with the aircon running without hurting your wallet or pumping fumes into the local environment.

Built to a price point, some of the MG4's interior fabrications feel like it, however, the steering wheel which, as the driver, you have the most tactile contact with feels lovely in your hands, making it an enjoyable driver experience.

The steering wheel and steering wheel of a car.

For our family of four, we enjoyed the 2023 MG4 EV. It was all we needed as a light, nippy and affordable little five-seater electric family car and BabyDrive. Hubby is 186cm and I'm 162cm and it fits us both happily in the front with our seven- and three-year-olds in the back with surprisingly good and comfortable legroom and boot space. It makes a great, affordable car for your everyday school runs and commute drives.

The new 2023 MG4 EV has scored a five-star safety rating when tested by ANCAP and has six airbags as standard.

Dual frontal, side chest-protecting and side head-protecting (curtain) airbags are standard. A centre airbag to prevent occupant-to-occupant interaction is not available.


Mocka Nursery furniture


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Mocka Nursery furniture
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  1. Didn’t you know that you can programme the star button on the right hand side of the steering wheel to control temperature and fan speed? You can operate this without taking your eyes off the road. No need to touch the central screen.

    • We found this out after filming the car. We don’t get a long time with them to learn everything but yes this star button is a game changer

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