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What is lane departure warning?

If you unintentionally drift out of your lane, or change lanes without indicating then lane departure warning will warn you either visibly by flashing an icon on your driver's or head-up display or you may hear a beep or alarm to warn you, or you may feel a vibration in the steering wheel or in your seat. This feature can help alert you to drive back to the centre of your lane if you mistakenly drift out, helping to prevent you from being in a crash.

How does lane departure warning work?

Lane departure warning uses cameras to read the road markings ahead of you. If they sense the car is drifting out of the centre of the lane then the driver is alerted with sound, lights or vibration. If there are no road markings or the markings are worn, faded or covered by leaves or debris then they will not work.

Lane departure warning only alerts the driver to take action, it does not steer the car back into your lane, that is lane keeping assist.

What are the pros and cons of lane departure warning? Do you need lane departure warning on your family car?

Another great BabyDrive safety feature but in a lot of cars, it comes with an annoying beep! I prefer it when cars have the vibrating steering wheel or seat rather than beep or alarm warning.

I found it is best used on the motorway rather than around town as it can get confused with complicated intersections or worn out road markings. I’ve found the straight motorways the best.

It is a good BabyDrive feature as parents are often being distracted by their little passengers, often when I turn to look at bub for a second I end up drifting out of my lane a little without realising. Lane departure warning can be life-saving but the beeping can be annoying if you have a sleeping baby!

If you use your indicator and change lanes it is not activated.

What else is it called?

I have only experienced it called Lane Departure Warning.

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