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I loved driving the palatial 2021 Hyundai Palisade Highlander, as a BabyDrive!

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Check out our full 2021 Hyundai Palisade Highlander SUV review!

These are my top 10 favourite family-friendly BabyDrive features:

  1. You can walk up to the boot of the Palisade with the keys in your pocket or bag and it will open automatically. I LOVE this feature! It makes going to the car with children so much easier because you often have your arms full of either them or their belongings or usually both! So you don't have to fumble about for your keys you can just load everything straight into the boot. Also, the front doors of the Palisade open and lock with the touch of the button on the handles when you have the key in your pocket or bag. Again great for when you are laden with kiddies and their things.
  2. There are air-conditioning vents in all three rows of the Palisade in both spec models. There are two circular vents in the ceiling above both rear rows of seats.
  3. Storage is great throughout the Palisade and I especially love the second-row double cup holders in the doors, they are easy for kids to reach while driving along.
  4. There are curtain head airbags in all three rows of seats so the third-row passengers get protection in an accident too.
  5. The Hyundai Palisade has a clear and easily visible seatbelt removal visual beside the media screen. There is also a rear-seat reminder when you get out of the car so you can't accidentally leave your kid in the car.
  6. The media system in the Hyundai Palisade is great, it has CarPlay and Android Auto as well as three family-friendly features the sounds of nature. Which is a selection of white noise sounds for example calm ocean waves that are great for keeping little passengers calm or babies to sleep on journeys. There is passenger talk, which amplifies your voice from the front of the car through to the 3rd row so you don't have to shout to be heard in the back. Finally, quiet mode is great for when you are driving long and everyone in the back is pre-occupied with their own entertainment or asleep and you can direct the sound out of the front speakers rather than the rest of the car.
  7. The Palisade has a child lock button in the driver's door control panel that locks both the back doors and windows at once so little fiddle fingers in the back can't play with them. It also has a conversation mirror so you can see in the back and keep an eye on all your rear passengers. The rear doors of the Palisade have window blinds which we love for keeping little passengers shielded from the sun.
  8. There there is a rearview camera that you can turn on at any time while driving along as well as indicator cameras that come up in the drivers head-up display so you can see to make sure there are no blind spots.
  9. The Palisade Highlander has a double sunroof! So the little ones in the back can enjoy the sky and tree view as well as the front passengers, they bring a lot of light into the car on overcast days.
  10. You can choose between the bench seat in the second-row or the captains chairs in the top-spec Highlander model. With the captain's chairs, there is great third-row access and you can carry five people in the back.

Check out our full 2021 Hyundai Palisade Highlander SUV review!

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