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I really enjoyed driving the 2020 Nissan Pathfinder N-Trek Special Edition seven-seat family SUV, as a BabyDrive!

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These are my top FIVE favourite family-friendly features:

The Pathfinder N-trek special edition looks a bit tougher with black trim and off-roady looking front bumper. It also has optional AWD by turning a knob in the central console. For passenger luxury, there is a double sunroof and front heated seats in ths ST-L version.NISSAN PATHFINDER N-TREK 2020 top features

There are air vents in all three rows of the Pathfinder N-Trek and you can control them from the front which is very handy.

Cup holders galore in the Pathfinder N-Trek! My favourite are the rear door cup holders which little rear passengers can reach their drinks from.

Four child seats fit in the back of the Nissan Pathfinder N-Trek, three across the 2nd-row and one in the 3rd-row. The 2nd-row seats are split 60:40 and you can access the 3rd-row seats with a child seat installed in the 2nd-row, I found it works best with two child seats in the second-row, not three. Legroom is good too, a 180cm driver can fit with a rear-facing child seat behind them and a 162cm passenger in the third-row seats.

NISSAN PATHFINDER N-TREK 2020 can fit one child seat in the third row

Boot size & storage is excellent in the Pathfinder N-Trek when using all seven seats, I could fit a twin stroller and two shopping bags.NISSAN PATHFINDER N-TREK 2020 can fit a twin side by side stroller in the boot

You can see our full Nissan Pathfinder review here or see how the Nissan Pathfinder stacked up in our big seven-seat SUV comparison with Carsales!

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