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BabyDrive Verdict

The Nissan Qashqai is a small five-seater SUV that I wasn't too enamoured of the last time I reviewed it back in 2018 and I'm sure I ended my review with “I am not sure why anyone would buy this car!?”. So I was interested to see how the newer 2020 model in N-Sport spec would fare and if there have been any improvements… let's find out and put it through our BabyDrive testing!

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Well, thankfully there has! The first thing I tested was the ISOFix in the two outer rear seats and they worked! Which is a major improvement from the last Qashqai I tested where they didn't work well. There are top tether anchorages on the back of all three rear seats and I could (just) fit three child seats across the back row. Two full-size seats and a slim booster in the central seat. Three full-size seats wouldn't fit.

NISSAN QASHQAI N-SPORT 2020 with three child seats installed

I could just sit between the two outer child seats but my shoulders were very cramped and I'm 162cm.

Legroom in the Qashqai isn't too bad. With a rear-facing child seat installed a 170cm driver could sit in front of it, or with a forward-facing child seat installed a 182cm driver could sit in front of it.

Storage in the Qashqai is quite good; with most things correctly sized to be practical. Two cup holders in the front and rear, the door bins in the back were quite small but better in the front and the glove box holds an iPad and wallet with the manual.

In the boot, the storage is good for a small SUV and it will hold ten shopping bags. That's comparable to the Haval H2 and Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross both holding ten bags too. The Mitsubishi ASX, Kia Seltos and Skoda Karoq all hold eleven shopping bags. The Hyundai Kona holds nine and the Suzuki Grand Vitara holds two more at twelve shopping bags.

NISSAN QASHQAI N-SPORT 2020 boot space with shopping

I found a tandem, twin and single pram all fitted in the boot with different amounts of shopping, or a medium-sized dog will fit in the boot.

NISSAN QASHQAI N-SPORT 2020 boot space with dogs

There is a seatbelt removal display in the driver's display screen, which lights up red or green to tell you exactly who has and hasn't got their seatbelt fastened in the rear seats which is very handy. Also on the drivers, disply is the distance to empty in km which is really handy as a parent.

The distance to empty display becomes extra important as a parent because getting fuel with a baby is a whole new world of difficult. If they are screaming in the car you definitely do not want your journey prolonged with a fuel stop! If they are asleep the turning off of the engine, doors opening and locking and unlocking, then re-opening the doors and closing, starting the engine again, beepers going off because you haven’t got your seatbelt on when you start the car or because you blink in the wrong direction, do you take them out of the car when you go in to pay? If you do will you get them back in the seat again or will they have a complete meltdown and you’ll be stuck on the fuel station forecourt with a screaming baby!! Hopefully you are starting to gather the anxiety that what was once a simple fuel stop can be for a mum!!!!

For this reason the distance to empty display can let you know if you have enough fuel to make it home with bub and then go out and get fuel another time when you will not have to take bub with you.

The media system in the Nissan Qashqai is a basic system but not very easy to navigate and use. It does however now have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto which is fantastic so I could use the Nissan part of the system very little.


The cruise control in the Nissan Qashqai is not very accurate, it really runs away with itself especially on undulating roads and at lower speeds. The Qashqai is is a non-complicated car to drive, it's size makes it easy to park and maneuver in school and supermarket carparks but it is revy to accelerate especially up hills.

Overall I found the 2020 Nissan Qashqai N-Sport to be a practical BabyDrive!

The Nissan Qashqai scored a five-star ANCAP safety rating in 2017 and comes with six airbags as standard. Both front passengers get front and side chest airbags and side head curtain airbags extend to the rear side passengers.

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