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BabyDrive Verdict

The Haval H2 is a five-seater Chinese SUV that is relatively new to Australia and with its $19,990 entry price tag (for the manual gearbox version), a lot of parents are obviously keen to know if it is any good and if it will fit their brood. Having been previously VERY impressed with its big sister the Haval H9 seven-seat SUV I was looking forward to popping my family in the H2! Let's find out how we got on…

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The Haval H2 is not loaded with all the luxury little features like massage seats that the H9 is, BUT it is still a very practical SUV with good family-friendly features. Starting with the fact for a five-seater SUV it will hold three child seats which is excellent, as many cars multiple times its price I've discovered will not. There are ISOFix points in the outer rear seats and top tether anchorages on the backrests of all three.

Two full-size forward-facing child seats fitted on their own, but I could not sit between them.

Or I could fit a combination of three child seats; one rear-facing and two forward-facing child seats.

We found legroom to be very good in the Haval H2, we tested travelling as three adults and a child seat and with two forward-facing children as well.

With a rear-facing child seat installed we could fit a 182cm driver in front.

Storage is good throughout the Haval H2 as well. There are ample well-sized cup holders in the front and back.

It also has two map pockets and a practical sized glove box and central console box.

All door bins will hold a large refillable water bottle and have great storage wells in their handles too.

There is even a sunglasses case in the ceiling above the driver's door too.

Boot space is good in the Haval H2; you can fit ten shopping bags in the boot, which is one less than the Mitsubishi ASX which held eleven.

All sizes of stroller and pram I tested fit in the from twin, side-by-side to double and single with a little shopping.

There is a great rear seat belt removal warning visual on the rearview mirror, great positioning for it because you are regularly looking there.

The media system and screens are unfortunately where the Haval H2 falls down in my eyes. It is a very basic media system with no touch screen which is unusual in a new car nowadays. So there is no Apple CarPlay or Android Auto it is very basic (Good news – the updated 2020 Haval H2 comes with Apple CarPlay).

With no reversing camera on the 2019 model tested (Good news – the updated 2020 Haval H2 comes with a reversing camera) and no parking sensors, I found I really missed the reversing cameras when parking on this model but actually enjoyed the silence of no parking sensors for a week!

There is also no digital speed readout which I always find irritating. There is a distance to empty which is great.

You can also see your average speed and set cruise control speed but not your actual speed!

The H2 also has an ‘Overspeed Warning' which sounded every time I went over 100km/h. This even happened on the highway where the limit was 110km/ph so it sounded frequently. This was troublesome as I was trying to get my daughter to sleep on a 90-minute journey and each time it ‘bonged' her eyes shot open! I ended up in the left lane doing 99km/h for 90minutes!!

The H2 was comfortable and spacious to drive around the town and suburbs, although I found that first thing in the morning when I drove uphill the H2 engine really struggled as if it could not find second gear.

The Haval H2 got a five-star ANCAP safety rating in 2017 so it has not been through Child Occupant Protection testing. It has six airbags as standard dual frontal, front side chest airbags and side head airbags for the first and second rows.

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Advert: Mocka nursery furniture

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