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I really enjoyed driving the 2020 VW T-Cross Life, as a BabyDrive! The 2020 VW T-Cross is Volkswagen's smallest n their range of SUVs and I tested the bottom spec Life version. Surprisingly for a bottom spec model, it didn't feel cheap and I could definitely still feel the quality in the drive and finishes.

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These are my top three favourite family features:

  1. Legroom is impressive in Volkswagen's smallest SUV, we could fit our family comfortably inside. With a forward-facing child seat on the driver's side, my 186cm husband could fit in front of it and comfortably drive. We put the rear-facing child seat on the passenger side of the car and he could fit in the front passenger seat comfortably too.
  2. The boot floor drops down about 10cm in the VW T-Cross, which makes transporting large items such as double prams and twin strollers possible. And gives you the option to put larger items in the boot and still use the parcel shelf.
  3. The VW T-Cross has a hidden drawer underneath the driver's seat, this is great for families so you can pop your wallet, phone or house keys in when you go to the park or beach.

You can see the full 2020 VW T-Cross review here.

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