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I LOVED driving the 2021 Genesis GV80 luxury SUV, as a BabyDrive!

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These are my top ten favourite family features:

  1. There are indicator cameras that come up in the driver display and give great visibility down the side of the car when changing lanes or turning, which helps when you are loaded up with child seats in the back. As well as a rearview camera view in the media screen so you can see out of the back too while driving along.
  2. The GV80 has THE BEST rear window blinds! They are electrically operated using the window buttons. The time you press to lower the window it lowers the shade and the second time the window goes down. So also when you lock the windows it locks the shades too so kids can't interfere with them!
  3. Soft closing doors mean that when someone doesn't shut the door properly they automatically close nice and gently and quietly, this is a wonderful feature to stop the noisy slamming of doors and disturbing little passengers.
  4. Throughout all three rows of Genesis GV80, there are aircon vents which is great for making sure all rows of passengers are kept cool AND you can control all rows of air-conditioning from the front media screen too.
  5. The front seats are not only heated and cooled but I had the BEST massage while driving! I put my hand down the side of the seat and the controls come up as visuals on the media screen.
  6. Second-row vanity mirrors are first for me and they are a HUGE hit with my five-year-old! It turns out it's not just babies that like to look at themselves in the mirror on car journeys!
  7. Remote start and park is fantastic! You can start the engine from the key fob and drive the GV80 in and out of parking spaces so you can get passengers in and out of the rear side doors more easily in tight parking spaces.
  8. The automatic opening boot is so helpful when I go out to the car in the morning with my girls and their lunchboxes and bags, with the key in my pocket the boot door will automatically open and I can load everything straight into the boot.
  9. The media system is lovely to use in the Genesis GV80, it has sounds of nature, quiet mode and passenger talk functions which are all useful for families and CarPlay and Android Auto which make connecting your phone smooth.
  10. Third-row access is good in the Genesis GV80. Although it doesn't have full access while you have child seats installed in the second row, there are really good handles to slide the second-row seats forward and with a child seat installed using the ISOFix rather than seatbelt you can slide it forward just far enough for a child to climb through and the moulded grab handles in the walls of the GV80 make it easier too.

FULL 2021 Genesis GV80 review coming soon!

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Mocka nursery furniture
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