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If you are looking at or dreaming about, some of the more luxurious five-seater cars and SUVs available for your next family car then we are here to help! To help make your life easier here are all the five-seaters we have tested over $60,000.


Lexus LX450D

The Lexus LX450D is an enormous five-seater that feels more like a tractor to drive around town. I could fit three child seats in the back easily. The boot door is split like a barn door, making boot access easier and it has built-in window shades in the rear windows which is a great BabyDrive feature. In the second row seats, there is a boo boo with the aircon control buttons being within easy toddler reach which is asking for medaling fingers!! Read the full review here.

Lexus NX300

The Lexus NX300 is a surprisingly good family car, the boot space is great and would hold a twin or tandem stroller. The rear seat will hold three child seats at a tight squeeze and the exterior and interior are very stylish but I did feel the media system lets it down. See the full review here.

Range Rover Velar

The Range Rover Velar is one of my favourite cars of 2018! It is such a practical car as well as being beautiful on both the inside and out! The Velar easily holds three child seats and the boot is a great size too holding a twin or tandem stroller with shopping bags and every parent deserves the massage seats! See the full review here.

Volkswagen Arteon

The Volkswagen Arteon is another of my favourite family cars of 2018 and it is a great Babydrive! The boot space is fantastic and it easily holds a twin or tandem stroller with generous amounts of shopping bags. It is a great car to drive, very smooth and fast and you can have a massage while driving! The rear seats are wide enough but I found the seat sculpting prevented me from being able to install three child seats and legroom is excellent for tall passengers. See the full review here.



The five-seater BMW X5 is a very practical SUV for a family. It gives you an enormous boot space that will hold all types of strollers with shopping or bags. The interior space is excellent too and I could easily install three child seats across the second-row. The interior is very opulent and the cruise control is extremely accurate. See the X5s Top 3 family-friendly features and Watch the full review here.

Tesla Model S

If you are considering the Tesla Model S as your next family car you will not be disappointed! The rear boot is enormous and will easily hold all sizes of strollers with a good amount of shopping. The interior is spacious and the roof height is very good for a sedan. I fit three child seats in the back or I could sit between two child seats. The media system is the best and completely intuitive. Being an electric car it is silent, smooth and extremely fast! There are so many great features, you can see my top three family-friendly features here and see the full review here.

Hyundai Kona EV

The Kona EV is a fantastic car to drive and I LOVE the EV technology and it is silent which makes it a VERY peaceful BabyDrive! The Kona EV fits two child seats in the back with no room between them for anyone to sit. Legroom is a little tight too and we found it is better for forward-facing child seats than rear-facing in terms of legroom. All sizes of stroller fitted in the boot but only with the parcel shelf removed. See my top three family-friendly features of the Kona EV and see the full review here.


Land Rover Discovery Sport

Is the five-seater Land Rover Discovery Sport a good family car? Although I could only fit two child seats in the back, there was just room for me to sit between the two seats. Legroom and boot space are both excellent in the five-seater model and the exterior and interior styling are very nice. Little touches like easy access USB ports and pillar air vents in the second-row make that little difference. The media system is a bit of a let down for me. See my top three family-friendly BabyDrive features here and read the full review here.

Jaguar F-Pace

Jaguar F-Pace

Although I was not a huge fan of the Jaguar F-Pace when I reviewed it, for many reasons. It does fit three child seats in the back or two child seats with a passenger in between them. The boot space is good and the boot door opens and closes silently. You can see the full review here.

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