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BabyDrive Verdict

The Lexus LX450D is a VERY large five-seater SUV, it does come as a seven-seater too, but with a petrol engine. Like the Infiniti QX80, it looks like a round-cornered, brick on wheels from the outside! I was very keen to compare the two cars and see how practical and family friendly the LX450D is as a BabyDrive!

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Being a five-seater the space inside the car is very good, and there was plenty of legroom for the first and second row, though I couldn't tell for the seven-seater version.

There is ISOFix in the two outer seats and although the anchors are not within plastic guides, they are in slits in the seat fabric behind cover flaps and they were really easy to connect to.

There are top tethers in all three second-row seats. The outer two are in the middle of the seat backs but the central one is right at the bottom, underneath the seat, and really difficult to get the plastic cover open. For some child seats you may need an extension strap.

I installed three large child seats easily in the second-row seats; the Britax Platinum Pro and Maxi Guard Pro forward facing and the Graphene rear-facing.

Although there were no third-row seats I did test the seat mechanism to see how you would access the third-row seats and found they fold up and forward. So in the seven-seater model, I expect you would have to uninstall a child seat in order to access the third-row seats, which isn't very practical on a daily basis!

The boot space is impressive in this five-seater, I couldn't reach to the back of the boot and so I had to access it through the side doors!! The boot held 20 shopping bags when empty. That is two less than the Infiniti QX80 which held 22 shopping bags! And two more than both the Nissan Pathfinder and Lexus RX350L! The Mountain Buggy Duet twin stroller fitted with 9 shopping bags and the Urban Jungle and Nano fitted with 10 and 16 respectively. The Britax Flexx tandem stroller fits with 12 shopping bags alongside it or you could fit a very large dog!

The roller blind was too difficult to reach when standing behind the boot, so I found I hardly used it because of this! The boot floor was nicely carpeted and would make a good space for an emergency nappy change, although the carpet is cream so you would need to be careful!!

The boot door opens in two halves which I actually really liked as I found it stopped things from rolling out and also gave you a little table to rest things on. However, the edge of it was at toddler head height with quite pointy corners!

Not only did the boot doors make it feel like a piece of farm machinery, the drive was very tractor like. The LX450D was surprisingly slow to accelerate, lethargic and very heavy to steer. It reminded me of trying to get a teenage boy out of bed in the morning!! Compared to the Infiniti QX80 which had really light steering the Lexus was hard work and had a really big turning circle!

This made it hard work around town and hefty to park, especially being such a big car. I found I had to look for two spaces next to each other in car parks and getting in and out of our drive was difficult! Visibility was poor especially with three child seats in.  The cameras were good but I found the parking sensors beeeeeping could not be muted by the icon on the screen you have to go into the settings, which was really frustrating.

The Lexus LX450D interior had quite a modern dashboard but the rest of the interior felt old-fashioned and farm like inside. The perforated cream leather would be an absolute nightmare with children and is a magnet for mud, child spills and would be really hard to keep clean! The leather in the interior of the test car I drove was already quite stained so I was not so nervous about transporting Tulsi in it!

The media system has a lovely, big widescreen, that has a crisp and clear image. It doesn't have Apple CarPlay or Android Auto which I would definitely expect for the price and would have made it so much easier to use!!! The system, like in the RX350L, was very basic and hard to navigate.

The Lexus LX450D is yet to be tested by ANCAP but does come with 10 airbags, frontal, knee and side airbags for driver and front passenger. Second-row side airbags and side curtain airbags extending to the third-row.

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