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I had a lot of fun driving the new 2021 Hyundai Ioniq 5 five-seater EV with my family, as a BabyDrive! When it came to picking my top features, there are just soooo many it was hard to pick!

Springfree trampoline


So I narrowed it down to these top five favourite family features of the Ioniq 5:

  1. The Ioniq 5 has built-in blinds in the rear windows to shade passengers in the back while driving and there are air vents in the rear pillars which are a favourite for families. These features are rare in cars of this size!
  2. The rear seats in the Ioniq 5 can be moved backwards and forwards using buttons on the side of the front passenger seat to distribute the legroom however you need it. You can also move all the seats through the media screen and save two seat combinations, which we found great for saving the positions for Mum driving and for Dad driving.
  3. Being fully electric, you get all the benefits of a nice quiet start and smooth silent drive. You can drive your Bubs to sleep using guilt-free battery power and sit while they sleep using battery and not burning through fuel or polluting the local area with idling exhaust fumes. You can also pop your chair into recline mode and relax yourself while they sleep! Aaaaah!
  4. Using buttons on the key fob you can start the Ioniq 5 and drive it backwards and forwards, really handy for small garages or tight parking spaces where you don't want the kids to open their doors into other parked cars. Especially as this car is deceptively big!
  5. The Ioniq 5 fits a double pram in the boot with a few other shopping bags and the storage is great throughout the cabin too, with a large drawer for a glove box and the long handles along each door work really well to hold iPads or books.

You can see the full 2021 Hyundai Ioniq 5 review here.

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