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BabyDrive Verdict

The Mitsubishi Pajero is a large, lolloping 4WD that has been around for ages without being changed much and lacks a lot of the creature comforts we expect to find in modern cars. Want press button ignition and automatic door opening, adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist and the basics like a digital speedo? The Pajero is not for you! So without all of these things, we have come accustomed to can it be a good BabyDrive?! Let’s find out…

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Well yes, it can! We really enjoyed our fortnight using the Pajero with our family.

We mainly used it as a five-seater and loved the amount of legroom in the second row, and the fact the kids can just walk through from one side to the other because of the flat floor and huge space between the front and middle rows of seats.

Even with child seats installed, there is plenty of legroom for tall passengers and we found a 182cm passenger could easily sit in front of a rear-facing child seat.

That leads me nicely on to child seats; there are two sets of ISOfix points in the second-row seats. They are not aligned in the outer seats but straddle they outer seats and central seat, which is a bit weird. It means that if you use the two ISOFix you can only fit two child seats in the back and there is a little gap either side of them.

There are three top tether anchorages on the floor behind the second row of seats, which means they are n the foot and legroom of the third-row seats.

If you use the seatbelts to install your child seats instead of ISOFix, you can fit three child seats across.

The third-row seats do not have top tether anchorages or ISOFix so I could not install any child seats back there. When accessing the third-row you do have to uninstall a child seat to climb through as the seat tumbles forward, or you can climb through the boot, which I did.

The third-row seats are quite comfortable but of child seats are installed to the second row, their top tether straps really obstruct your legroom back there.

The boot space in the Mitsubishi Pajero is pretty good when using it as a five-seater, holding thirteen shopping bags when empty. However, this is nothing compared to competitors like the Toyota Landcruiser Prado that hold seventeen or Ford Everest that holds eighteen.

All sizes of stroller fitted in the boot from twin side-by-side, double and single prams.

When using all seven seats the boot space is tiny, meaning I could fit four shopping bags. It's better than the Toyota Landcruiser Prado that can hold just three but the Ford Everest is much better as it holds seven. The cavity under the floor where the third-row seats fold out from does give you some extra storage space, especially for valuables while you are at the beach because they would be out of sight once the boot floor panel is in place.

There is good ventilation to all three rows of seats, which the driver can control from the front which is great!

The interior of the Mitsubishi Pajero hasn't really changed in a long time! There is a rather dated 80's digital watch like panel, in the central dash which does its credit show you your distance to empty.

The Pajero has been updated with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto which is good and the media screen and system is quite simple and easy to navigate.

Storage is a HUGE let down in the Mitsubishi Pajero and this is definitely something that needs addressing. There is no third-row storage at all. Our biggest annoyance of the week is that there is nowhere to put water bottles in this car! It has no door bins in the back at all and very thin ones in the front doors. So in a big seven-seater off-roader, you have seven water bottles rolling around and spilling all over the floor.

We recently did a beach drive in a cousin's 2007 model Pajero and found the same thing and were disappointed that this has not been improved or updated in 12 years!

Also, there is nowhere for sunglasses so these have to reside in the top of the central console box and risk getting scratched lenses!

The Mitsubishi Pajero is a great car off-road and we found it pleasant to drive around town and suburbs too.

The Mitsubishi Pajero scored a five-star ANCAP safety rating in 2011 and has six airbags as standard. Dual frontal, side chest and side head airbags (curtains) are standard. There are NO third-row airbags in the Mitsubishi Pajero.

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Mocka nursery furniture

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