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I enjoyed driving the 2022 Honda HR-V Vi X with my family, as a BabyDrive and these are my top three favourite family features:

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  1. Although there are only two seats in the back of the Honda HR-V, our Infasecure child seats fit really nicely with a lot of space around them and legroom is FANTASTIC for such a small SUV! A 186cm driver can easily fit in front of a rear-facing child seat.
  2. The rear ‘Magic Seats' are split 60:40 and the seat bases can fold up to give you space to transport things if you only need to use one rear seat.
  3. The boot of the Honda HR-V is a good size and will fit a double modular pram nicely.

You can see the full 2022 New Honda HR-V Vi X review here.

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