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BabyDrive Verdict

I am testing the BRAND NEW 2023 Ford Ranger Sport Double Cab Ute it is the second from top spec model with a 2litre diesel engine, let's get straight into it and  put it through our BabyDrive testing! Let's take a look at how it gets on as a BabyDrive…

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Firstly on the outside, the new Ford Ranger looks good! It's a big beefy machine with some noticeable differences. It looks bigger and boxier than the previous model and has been increased by… As far as utes go this one looks pretty rugged.

There has been a step added behind the rear wheel arches, which makes climbing up into the tray easier and reaching things in and out of the tray easier too.

Also along the top of the tray door edge is a ruler and G-Clamp fixtures, so there can be no more lying about the size of the fish you caught being ‘This Big'! You can measure it now!!

On the inside the dash has changed with the noticeably large portrait media screen and additions of wireless phone charging and Apple CarPlay.

The media system is easy to use and navigate with screens for setting the drive assist features and noise and volumes in the vehicle exactly to your liking.

One of the other features we like in the new Ford Ranger is the Sketch Game screen.

Just like in the Tesla Model S. We loved playing on this when waiting at school pic up etc.

The interior has been made bigger too and it feels very spacious in the back. Ford have scooped out a lot of space including headroom, which makes a big difference for rear passengers.

2023 Ford Ranger Sport with 3 child seats installed in the back row

It's also really helpful when installing child seats, because it gives you lots of room so you can get inside the cab and reach behind the rear seat back easily.

2023 Ford Ranger Sport top tether child seat anchorages in the second row

There are top tether anchorages and ISOFix for both the outer rear seats and nothing for the central seat so you can only instal two Infasecure child seats in the back of the Ford Ranger with top tether anchorages. I installed the Infasecure Attain More and Aspire More.

You can fit an Infasecure Versatile Folding Booster Seat in the central rear seat of the Ford Ranger because it does not require a top tether anchorage.

2023 Ford Ranger Sport with 3 child seats installed in the back row

Double cab utes are renowned for being difficult to instal child seats in the back but when it came to installing child seats in the new Ford Ranger I was pleasantly surprised. The rear seat back folds forward as one piece and the top ether anchorages are metal anchorages a little way down behind it on the vehicle body.

2023 Ford Ranger Sport top tether child seat anchorages in the second row

I found them nice and easy to connect the two Infasecure child seats top tether straps to and then tighten them nicely.

2023 Ford Ranger Sport with 3 child seats installed in the back row

Now I think I have found the ULTIMATE combination of Infasecure child seats for the new Ford Ranger, so if you are looking at this for your family then take note. Especially those with new babies because the Infasecure Adapt More capsule is perfect for a ute because the top tether strap is attached to the base not the capsule itself so once you have it installed you do not have to touch the top tether strap every time you take the capsule in and out.

2023 Ford Ranger Sport legroom with rear-facing child seats installed in the second row

Then I have the Aspire More in the other far seat and the Infasecure Versatile Folding booster seat in the middle or an adult can comfortably sit between two child seats in the back.

Legroom is very good in the new Ford Ranger and a 184cm passenger can sit in front of a rear facing child seat or a 180cm driver.

If you want to learn any more about the Infasecure Child Seats used in this review, just click on the link here.

There is some great storage throughout the 2023 Ford Ranger Sport. Rear passengers get little phone storage pockets in the front of the central seat base which is clever.

There are map pockets on the back of both front seats that will hold and conceal iPads. The door bins are a good size in both the front and rear doors and hold large water bottles and an iPad fits too.

There is a good number of cup holders throughout the 2023 Ford Ranger…

There are two in the rear central seat back and two in the front central console that all hold a reusable or disposable coffee cup. The top spec model has dash board cup holders too which they don't have in this model unfortunately, there are just holes in the dash where they should be!

Also in the front you have a holder for your fries! We found a medium Macca's Fries fits nicely!!

In front of that is a wireless phone charging pad. I am pleased to see there is still a glasses case in the ceiling of the 2023 Ford Ranger. Most new cars have got rid of the ceiling glasses case and it's really frustrating to have nowhere to store your glasses where they won't get scratched!

The central console box and glove box are both generous sizes and there is a shelf in the dash in this model. The top spec model has a double glove box instead.

The tray of the 2023 Ford Ranger holds thirty shopping bags which is slightly bigger than the previous model Ranger which held 26 shopping bags, now the is an almighty family shop!

2023 Ford Ranger Sport space for shopping with two rows of seats in use

You can of course fit any size pram or stroller in the tray easily and the family shop and dog. The GWM Cannon and Toyota HiLux hold 29, the Triton, BT-50 and D-Max hold 30 too.

2023 Ford Ranger Sport space for twin side by side stroller pram and shopping with two rows of seats in use

The 2023 Ford Ranger Sport has rear air vents which is really important for keeping rear passengers comfortable too.

The 2023 Ford Ranger is great to drive, for such a large vehicle Ford have done a great job of making it feel nippy and it has a tight turning circle so it is easily manoeuvrable. Which makes it good for everyday life and is easy to park in school, supermarket and multi-storey car parks. Visibility is limited out of the rear windscreen with two tethered Infasecure child seats installed in the back and the third Versatile Folding Booster seat in the middle because the seat backs cover the window so you definitely rely on the large side mirrors.

The reversing camera quality is very good and you have different angles available to view from however the image size on the media screen is VERY small! The quality of the image does make reversing, manoeuvring or parking easier and you can turn the parking sensors off easily down in the central console.

2023 Ford Ranger Sport space for single stroller pram and shopping with two rows of seats in use

Overall the new 2023 Ford Ranger Sport Double Cab Ute makes a great family vehicle. I have loved being able to easily lift our stroller up and into the tray with no care about boot space and put in the kids bikes and scooters!

The interior comforts are good and the amount of interior space makes it very easy to live with, with know one compromised for legroom or personal space!

The New 2023 Ford Ranger scored five star ANCAP crash test safety rating. It has nine airbags as standard.

Advert: Mocka nursery furniture
Advert: Mocka nursery furniture


BabyDrive Indepth

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Mocka nursery furniture
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Tace Clifford founded BabyDrive in 2017 after discovering a huge information gap in mainstream car reviews that left new parents and expanding families in the dark when it came to one of the biggest purchasing decisions of their lives.


    • Don’t see why not and if you used an Infasecure Versatile Folding Booster for the central position it doesn’t require a top tether and there is no anchorage in the middle seat of the Ranger.

  1. I know this is an old post, but was wondering if there are perhaps possibilities of having a third tether point professionally installed for the middle seat? I’m looking at options (incl. Mazda BT-50, Izuzu DMAX, VW Amarok) and noticed utes tend to lack the luxury of 3 tethers. It’s a bit of a problem if you have 3 kids in seats.

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