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BabyDrive Verdict

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The Holden Trailblazer SUV; basically the Holden Colorado with a boot and two extra seats. After loving the Colorado LTZ (read my review here)I was excited to get my hands on the Trailblazer LT and assumed it had to be the ultimate BabyDrive! Lets find out if it was…

Well if the Colorado was all sorts of fun with a surprising amount of practicality, adding a sixth and seventh seat and enclosing the boot you'd have thought would make it a perfect BabyDrive. For me, something wasn’t quite right.

A seven-seater SUV should be all about family safety, practicality and ease of use. The Trailblazer LT has the safety right but with all the downsides of the Colorado and then some!?

The doors and windows have the same problems as the Colorado did. The doors take a few slams to close and the windows annoyingly come down automatically when you open the doors, both making unnessesary baby-waking noise and commotion!

The cup holders were intruded by the ill-fitting central armrest lid and there was nowhere for me to put my phone. The little shelf is not deep enough and the surface is slippery so it just slides off.

The conveniently positioned parking sensor mute button on the central console that I so loved in the Colorado LTZ has been removed in the Trailblazer LT and I could not find a way to turn the ‘beeeeeeeeeeping’ noise off anywhere!

The suspension is different in the Trailblazer to the Colorado, I found it less enjoyable to drive especially around town and adding to this the seats were not as comfortable either.

The aircon had great simple controls on the dashboard but I couldn’t find a fan speed that was comfortable. It seemed to be very ‘blowy’ with an all or nothing flow. The rear aircon could be turned on or off with a simple button in the front which is fantastic for mum control

I didn’t like the rear vents being in the ceiling however and found although you could adjust the direction, they blew downwards onto the rear passengers and I had to shut them off as they upset Tulsi blowing straight onto her head.

If you’re not using the sixth and seventh seats there is a great amount of easily accessible boot space and you can use the cup holders meant for the far rear seats to hold your cup or water bottle while you’re unloading your shopping or pram into the boot.

There is a large storage box in the floor of the boot to store the parcel shelf when you’re using the back row of seats, however, if you’re not using it for that it is a great place for wet gear or muddy shoes.

The Holden Trailblazer has three top tether anchorages for the second row of seats; they are right down at the bottom of the seatbacks on all three backrests.

The Trailblazer also has three Isofix points across ALL THREE of the middle row of seats! This is excellent for flexibility of positioning child seats and there is plenty of legroom for passengers in both back rows of seats.

I could fit three child seats in the back of the Holden Trailblazer which is excellent!

To access the third-row seats you would need to uninstall a child seat as the second-row seats fold forward and there are no top tether anchorages or ISOFix in the third-row seats.

With the back fully loaded with 3 child seats in the middle row and passengers with the headrests up in the far back row, visibility is still surprisingly good.
The turning circle and reversing camera make parking easy and quite fun! If only I could turn off that beeeeep!

The audio is easy to connect my phone to and easy to navigate with the Apple Car Play.

None of the doors shut properly first time and the windows open about an inch automatically when you open the doors which the first time I thought was a nice feature to let some air in, this soon became annoying! There was nowhere convenient for my mobile phone, the steering wheel could not be adjusted in and out and the central storage compartment lid is too long, spilling my drink and making its opening button inaccessible with a drink in the holder.

Apart from these annoyances, the Trailblazer does make quite a practical seven-seater family SUV.

The Holden Trailblazer scored a Five-Star ANCAP safety rating in 2016, and has not had undergone child occupant protection testing. The Trailblazer has seven airbags as standard; a drivers knee airbag, dual frontal and front side chest airbags and side curtain head airbags for all three rows of seats.


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