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BabyDrive Verdict

I absolutely LOVED the five-seater VW Tiguan and I have been very excited to review the new seven-seat Allspace version, espeially the sporty R-Line I have here! With high expectations, let's see how good it is as a BabyDrive!!

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Well… I think VW should have left the Tiguan alone as a five-seater! The third-row seats really are quite unusable, the seat bases are VERY short and stop halfway along my thighs, there is no kick room underneath the second-row seats at all, no headroom and I am only 162cm and definitely no legroom! The Tiguan Allspace didn't seem as well built inside as the previous five-seater model. I first noticed the levers in the boot that bring the second-row seats forward didn't work, then when I manually brought the second-row seatback forward the lever came off in my hand. And the glasses case didn't close properly! I remember the five-seater feeling really well-made and the Tiguan Allspace just didn't have that same quality feel. As I understand they are not made in the same country so this may explain the difference in finish.

I also found accessing the third row is difficult as the second-row seats are split 60:40 and the kerbside is the 60% so you actually have to uninstall two child seats in order to access the third-row seats! CRAZY!!

So those being my negatives!! The rest of the car is basically the same as the five-seater Tiguan and just as great! So I think it is still a FANTASTIC five-seater family car that you could very occasionally use as a seven-seater but would certainly not be an everyday family seven-seater.

Storage in the cab of the Tiguan Allspace is fantastic and you will never struggle to find a spot for your glasses with the four space glasses cases in the ceiling!

There are ample good sized cup holders and door pockets in the front and second-row and the tray tables/iPad wedges for the second-row passengers are a really good BabyDrive feature. Perfect for counting our pirate bounty on!!

The third-row storage was disappointing. The one cup holder was a strange shape; it would hold a disposable or reusable coffee cup but it wasn't a good fit.

The Tiguan Allspace is slightly longer than the regular Tiguan, so when you're only using five seats it could hold 15 shopping bags, which is three more than the regular model and two less than the Hyundai Santa Fe which held seventeen shopping bags. All models of Mountain Buggy and Britax strollers I tested fitted in the Tiguan Allspace boot with good amounts of shopping bags when only using five seats.

When using all seven seats, the boot would hold five shopping bags, which is one less than in the Mazda CX-8 and the same as the Hyundai Santa Fe. Only the Mountain Buggy Nano compact stroller would fit in the boot when using all seven seats with three shopping bags.

There are ISOFix points in both the outer rear seats, within plastic guides that make seat installation easier. The top tether points are on the back of all three rear seats and easily reachable through the boot. I did find the headrests are not removable in the Tiguan and this I know can affect how some child seat fit.

The rear seats are simple and flat, allowing for three child seats to be installed, but the seat base was only just wide enough to accommodate the combination of child seats I use, so if you intend to fit three child seats you'll definitely need to check your chosen models will fit across the Tiguan during your test drive.

I fitted the three child seats using the seatbelts and top tethers but you would very comfortably install two child seats in the outer seats using the ISOFix and top tethers and I was able to sit in-between them. (I'm 162cm and 65kg on a carb free day!!!).

The media system is the same fantastic one as in the regular Tiguan. It's a large very clear touch screen, easy to navigate and use and there is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Equally good is the inbuilt sat nav, with mutable announcements. And the reversing camera is very clear, with the front and rear sensors also being mutable from the touchscreen.

I loved the digital display in front of the steering wheel as you can have your sat nav map and directions up there, which I found easy to follow while driving.

Cruise control in the Tiguan Allspace is a pleasure to use and drive confidently knowing the cruise control will truly stick to the set speed.

The regular five-seater Tiguan really is a box-ticking car but as I have said the seven-seater Tiguan Allspace's third-row seats really are the one main difference and I am not convinced they are executed very well.

The front seats in the regular Tiguan I tested were incredibly uncomfortable but I did find them better in the Tiguan Allspace, although I am not sure if them having the electric adjustments made them comfier.

The Tiguan Allspace R-Line I tested did have quite a hard ride because of the low profile tyres and the regular Tiguan is a little bumpy on some road surfaces, but overall it is a great car to drive and it looks great in the longer Allspace shape too.

The Tiguan Allspace scored a five-star ANCAP safety rating and has six airbags as standard.

BabyDrive Indepth

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Tace Clifford
About Tace Clifford
Tace Clifford founded BabyDrive in 2017 after discovering a huge information gap in mainstream car reviews that left new parents and expanding families in the dark when it came to one of the biggest purchasing decisions of their lives.


  1. Hi – thanks for the information. It’s very useful. Quick question – do you know if it’s possible to have three seats in the second row, with two on the outer seats using the isofix and the third in the centre using the safety belt? Thank you!

  2. Hello, I am loving your Baby drive car reviews – thanks so much!! I have a question about 3 car seats across the second row of the Tiguan Allspace. I notice you used 2 x rear facing and 1 x forward facing. I will have a 4.5 year old, 2.5 year old and a newborn. Do you think 2 x forward facing and 1 x capsule (then rear facing seat post 6+ Months) would work across the back? Obviously I would have to be prepared to replace car seats for narrower options similar to what you used. Thank you, I really appreciate your insight.

  3. Thanks for all the information. Just wondering if space in the driver and passenger seats were compromised due to the rear facing capsules? I have a very tall husband!

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