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I had the luck of driving and testing sooooo many FANTASTIC family-friendly seven-seaters in 2019! If you are looking for a new seven-seater SUV or MPV for your family then take a look at this list and find out what I pick.

NOTE: This is separate from the big seven-seat SUV comparison I did in conjunction with Carsales.

BMW X7 takes five child seats

In 1st Place – The BMW X7

The winner is the BMW X7! For big families with a big budget, this very family-friendly seven-seat SUV ticks all the BabyDrive parenting need boxes. It very comfortably fits five child seats and has excellent third-row access. It is also crammed full of family-friendly features and has excellent boot space even when using all seven seats. Rarely does a seven-seat SUV get it so right! See if the BMW X7 will suit your family here.

HAVAL H9 Ultra

In 2nd Place – The Haval H9

In 2nd place, the Haval H9. What a FANTASTIC BabyDrive for its small price of $41,000! It's a great seven-seat family-friendly seven-seat SUV full of features you'd expect to only find in luxury SUVs like massage, heated and cooled front seats! It fits three child seats across the second-row, too. The infotainment system let it down a little but I could forgive that for the massage 😉  See if the Haval H9 will suit your family here.


In 3rd Place – The Kia Carnival

In 3rd place, the Kia Carnival. This is such a winner as a family-friendly car! It is so practical and dare I say it… FUN! Holding four child seats in the back and with EVERYTHING a parent could think of to make transporting kids around easier. Window blinds on all four rear windows, electric sliding doors, heated and cooled seats, an excellent media system and we could even fit our paddleboards in! See my Top 10 family-features of the Kia Carnival here.

Volkswagen Multivan

In 4th Place – The VW Multivan

In 4th position, the VW Multivan is an epic BabyDrive! Living on the coast we could get our paddleboards in here with everything we needed for our family too. We had some fantastic family adventures in it and it is super practical as an everyday family car too, fitting five child seats easily and with plenty of interior room and enormous amounts of boot space too! See the full VW Multivan review here.

Ford Everest can take five child seats

In 5th Place – The Ford Everest

In 5th position, the Ford Everest is a GREAT BabyDrive! This is a very practical option if you want to be able to go offroad and tow as well in your family-friendly seven-seater. With great media system, good boot space and ability to hold five child seats, I was truly impressed by the Ford Everest and can see why it is such a popular SUV among families all over Australia. See the full Ford Everest review here. 

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