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BabyDrive Verdict

The 2022 BMW iX3 is a fully electric SUV, which unlike other versions of the X3 is available in two-wheel-drive only. Let's see if it makes a great BabyDrive when we put it through our testing…

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Let's start with the all important rear seats! There are ISOFix points in the two outer rear seats and top tether anchorages on the back of all three rear seats.

We could fit three Infasecure child seats in the back of the BMW iX3. We installed an Infasecure Achieve More and Attain More on either side and a versatile folding booster seat in the centre.

Legroom is good in the iX3 and we could fit a 182cm passenger in front of a rear facing child seat.

Storage throughout the BMW iX3 is good. In the back there are two cup holders and a lidded storage tray in the central seat fold down arm rest, map pockets and door bins that will hold an iPad and refillable water bottle.

In the front, there are two cup holders which can hold a reusable or disposable coffee cups. A wireless phone charging pad is also included. The glove box and central console box are a practical size for family life too.

The door bins in the front are even more generous for holding a water bottle and iPad.

The BMW iX3 does family comfort very well. My favourite of these features is in the front of the BMW iX3,  the adjustable headrests! You can easily bring them forward or back depending on if you have a ponytail or not.

While we are talking about comfort, in the back, there are air-conditioning vents and temperature controls in the back of the central console box which are necessary for keeping rear passengers comfortable while driving.

When it comes to boot storage, the BMW iX3 is practical for families too and holds thirteen shopping bags from empty. This is comparable to similar-sized luxury electric SUVs like the Jaguar I-Pace, which also holds thirteen and the Audi e-Tron, which holds fifteen shopping bags.

This EV model I am testing has a smaller boot than the petrol or diesel X3 (in my measuring it held one bag less) and the plug-in-hybrid model has the smallest boot of all.

Your family dog will fit nicely in the boot or a twin or double pram will fit in the boot with a with a couple of bags of shopping.

For those with modular single or double prams, they fit well in the boot too with six shopping bags around them.

The BMW iX3 officially has a 460km battery range, which we found to be very accurate which took away all range anxiety. It is said to charge from 10-80% in just 32mins which is pretty fast and perfect for a family highway stop. It also comes with five years of unlimited Chargefox public charging, which is very generous too.

The BMW iX3 is a smooth and quiet car to drive and being fully electric it has all the lovely benefits of being nice and quiet, being able to drive your kids to sleep or being the parent taxi service without churning through fuel or polluting the air around you. And with the five years free with Chargefox, you could potentially pay for no ‘fuel'!

The media system in the BMW iX3 is very modern and in-depth it does have Apple CarPlay, which is handy to access your phone's communications, listening and navigation apps while driving. I also found the built-in sat-nav really nice and easy to use.

A surprise feature which I enjoyed during my week with the iX3 is the Caring Car mode where you can choose either Vitalise or Relax settings. Vitalise is good for long motorway journeys where you need to stay awake and it blows cold air through the vents and plays uplifting vitalising music.

Relax plays more chilled out music!

You can also control or preset your charging too through the media screen.

The cameras are excellent in the BMW iX3 which made parking nice and easy with three child seats in the back.

The battery range is clearly displayed in the bottom left of the driver display screen and you have a great seatbelt removal visual in this screen too.

I LOVED driving the BMW iX3 as it is a great EV with quick acceleration and feels light and fun to drive.

The BMW X3 on which the iX3 is based was given a five-star ANCAP Safety Rating in 2017. Seven airbags come as standard in the BMW iX3 EV.


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BabyDrive Indepth

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