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BabyDrive Verdict

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The Range Rover Sport is a large seven-seater luxury SUV, I'll be honest it was pretty swish and I enjoyed driving it A LOT!!! See how it went when I put it through our BabyDrive testing!

Well, let's start with installing child seats. Although this is a seven-seater there are no top tether anchorages or ISOFix points in the third row, so I couldn't install back there. #sadface

Range Rover Sport 2020 HSE R-Dynamic third row seats

To access the third-row seats you do have to uninstall at least one child seat in the second row in order to bring the outer second-row seat forward and climb through.

Good news is, in the second-row seats, there is ample room for three child seats!

Range Rover Sport 2020 HSE R-Dynamic with three child seats installed

Also, I could sit really comfortably between two child seats as well and I'm 162cm.

Range Rover Sport 2020 HSE R-Dynamic with infant capsule and child seat installed

We found legroom in the Range Rover Sport was not the best for such a large car. If you wanted to use all three rows of seats, for example, with a rear-facing child seat in the second row, a 162cm passenger can sit in front and a same-sized passenger can just about fit in the third-row seats as well.

If you are just using the first two rows of seats then a 170cm driver can sit in front of a rear-facing child seat or a 184cm driver can sit in front of a forward-facing child seat.

Range Rover Sport 2020 HSE R-Dynamic with one child seat installed

The model we tested was optioned up with DVD screens in the back of the headrests and wireless headphones for second-row passengers and our daughter LOVED having these to watch on long journeys.

Range Rover Sport 2020 HSE R-Dynamic with child watching rear seat entertainment system

The rear doors will not open if a bike or car is going past them, which is a great BabyDrive feature because my little one now tries to automatically open the door when we reach our destination.

The central console is a chiller box in this model too, which is really handy in the Australian climate when you are out and about with kids to put their lunch and snacks inside.

The driver's door control panel has a child lock button and an ‘access mode' button that allows you to change the height of the suspension to make entry and exit easier.

You can also raise and lower the height of the suspension from the boot which I find really helpful when loading and unloading or when jumping dogs up and down from it.

Range Rover Sport 2020 HSE R-Dynamic boot space

The Range Rover Sport has auto-lock and unlock doors, another great feature for families because it makes going to and from the car with kids easier. With the Range Rover Sport, it works from any of the car's doors so you don't have to go to the driver's door first to unlock all the others, which is a great BabyDrive feature!

The Range Rover Sport also has a really good seatbelt removal visual for the rear two rows of seats.

The boot of the Range Rover Sport is very generous when using only five seats and will hold fifteen shopping bags. That's comparable to the five-seat Audi Q8 which will also hold fifteen shopping bags. The seven-seat BMW X7 and Land Rover Discovery will both hold eighteen and the five-seat Lexus LX450D will hold twenty shopping bags.

A twin side-by-side stroller fits in the boot with five shopping bags beside it or a large dog would fit in the boot.

Range Rover Sport 2020 HSE R-Dynamic boot space with tandem stroller

When using all seven seats, five shopping bags fit from empty and only a compact stroller would fit, but not any other size prams or strollers. For comparison, the BMW X-7 will hold seven shopping bags and the Land Rover Discovery will hold three shopping bags when using all seven seats.

Range Rover Sport 2020 HSE R-Dynamic boot space with compact stroller and all three seating rows in use

Storage inside the cabin is very good; in the front, there are good size cup holders in the central console.

The central console is a chiller box esky has a grippy phone mat in the top and the lid is your armrest.

You also get two glove boxes and the door bins have a hidden compartment but will not hold a large refillable water bottle.

The second-row passengers get two cup holders and phone and remote control storage and door bins to hold their headphones or a large refillable water bottle.

They also get two map pockets and a phone shelf with USB ports and a 12V socket. There is no storage in the third-row seats.

The media system has been really improved in the Range Rover Sport; it now has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

It is split across two screens like the Range Rover Velar with the top screen containing an easy to navigate media system…

…that you can control the rear DVD screens from.

The lower, second screen is where you control the vehicle settings…

…including air-con and climate and the seating settings, heated and cooled seats and the length of the seat base. You simply push the rotary dials to switch from aircon to seat temperature settings.

You can also twiddle with the radio settings here too!

The reversing camera image is very crisp and clear and excellent to use with 360-degree views you can select from. You can easily mute the parking sensors by pressing on the icon on the right of the screen.

The Range Rover Sport is a smooth and quiet car to drive, it feels very sturdy and solid on the road and you are cocooned from a lot of the exterior noises. Luxury boxes ticked!

Overall I found the Range Rover Sport to be a practical and luxurious BabyDrive, being much more practical than a similar sized five-seat family SUV so long as you only use the third-row seats for occasional use.

The cream leather interior would not be my choice for a family car and I was paranoid my daughter would spill something on them! For the whole week but it escaped unscathed!! PHEW!!

The Range Rover Sport scored a five-star Euro NCAP safety rating in 2016 (but not ANCAP) and comes with six airbags as standard. Both front passengers get front and side chest airbags and side head curtain airbags extend to all three rows of passengers.


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